Remote Controlled Cars For Kids

Remote Controlled Cars For Kids

A remote controlled car is a car whose movement is directed either by the use of an attached wire that is connected to the car from the controller or the movement is controlled with a radio wave that gives direction to the car when a button is pressed from a distance away from the car.

Examples include World of Nintendo Remote Control Mario Kart Racer, Licensed Ferrari FXX, Fast Lane 1:24 Scale Remote Control Street Pro Vehicle – Lamborghini, Carrera Battery Operated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Racing Set, and so forth.Remote Controlled Cars For Kids

Remote control cars come in different designs, colors, sizes, and brands. Some of the brands available in the market include Blade, DMZ, IMEX, ECX, Maisto, Redcat Racing, Traxxas, Udi, WL Toys, World Tech Toys, Art Tech, Axial, Carrera, DURATRAX, 3M, ECX Ruckus, Kidi Galaxy, Silverlit Mercedes Benz, Chicco Billy, etc.

How does a remote control car work?

The operation of a remote-controlled car requires some components parts to function. The parts that make it work are:

  • A transmitter
  • A Receiver
  • A motor
  • A source of power:

The transmitter is the device that directs the movement of the car by sending a radio wave that is built into it to the car, when the controller button is pressed or pushed. It works with a 9 volts battery. The antenna attached to the car is the receiver. It receives the signal, interprets it, and sends it to the motor. The motor, which helps the car to move, now acts according to the direction they receive. A 9 volts rechargeable battery powers the movement.

Why are kids so fascinated by a remote controlled car?

The sight of a car that can move by just the press of a button is a real thrill to kids. They are often wowed by the sight and are excited when they receive a remote controlled car as birthday gifts.

Kids are often excited when they see their moms and dads drive a car and they would often think, “When I grow up I will have a car like daddy or like mummy”. With this thought in their minds, they go wild with excitement when they receive a toy car as a gift.

Dangers of Remote controlled cars for Kids

Manufacturers of remote controlled cars often put danger-warnings, age brackets, hazards, and labels on how they should be operated to ensure safety. Some dangers involved in remote controlled toy cars include:

  1. Some of the components of the car have sharp edges and can scratch the child, creating wounds.
  2. Little babies may pick up pieces of the car parts and swallow them.
  3. The loud noise generated by the car, can frighten the child and cause hearing disorder.

Extreme care should be taken and kids should be monitored by an adult when they play with them.

Where to Buy a Remote Controlled Car

Allow your kids have some excitement with a few RC cars in their next holidays. Some toyshops are located around you, and you can make an order online from any of the following sites:

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