Best Way to Mend A Broken Heart

Best Way to Mend A Broken Heart

We would unanimously agree that there are few things out there that hurt as much as a heart that’s broken. If you too have one, I understand your pain. But you would be relieved to know that broken hearts can be mended. The best way to mend a broken heart, definitely, is to hold one’s self together through the tough times.

Best Way to Mend A Broken HeartWhen your heart is broken, it is very easy to fall into a void- a void of depression that gives you a feeling of having lost everything, loneliness and helplessness. In a relationship, two souls and minds get connected; they get used to the presence of the other in their life and a sense of dependence builds. So, you might be bogged down by the thought of spending your weekends without your partner, not being able to talk to and share your thoughts and stuff with your partner and so on. The void can grow stronger if you detach yourself from the rest of the world, as is the case with most of us. [Read; Ways to overcome a broken heart]

The first thing you must do is to avoid all contact- delete contact numbers and remove from your Facebook and mail accounts. Not doing so, will reinforce your tendency to get hung on. Do not retreat into a shell. Your friends will play a big role here- Call them up, meet up and talk, dine and drink like you would have done during the happy days.

Casual dating is not a bad idea either. In fact, it is a very rewarding idea that has a good success rate in helping people to let go of the burden of a broken relationship. Some of you might agree that it is perhaps the best way to get a broken heart healed and mended. People need love in their lives; partners are just a means of receiving that love. There is no best partner- check out new people and you will surely come across someone who is just your type. And when love comes back into life, the heart can never remain broken.

But you are warned that if your ex and you happen to talk or interact, never give them the idea that you are weak or dejected or have been devastated by the break up. Put up a brave face, let them know you have decided to move on and that you will, show them that you have matured and have taken the break up like a mature individual should. Make sure you never make one of these top break-up mistakes. [Also Read; How to get over broken relationship]

The central idea to the entire process is that of keeping yourself engaged. Friends, dating and outdoor trips and vacations are examples. Moreover, you could pick up your favorite computer games to keep your mind diverted, if you are into games. Enroll yourself in a hobby club- learning a musical instrument or a dance form could be stress relieving, while letting you interact with lots of people at the same time.

And one can always go about it more seriously by picking up a best way out of the many options you would come across that tell you to mend broken hearts, as advised by an expert. You could check out these awesome tips on How to mend a broken heart.

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