Simple Ways to Ask a Girl out If You Are Shy

Simple Ways to Ask a Girl out If You Are Shy

Asking girls out should not pose any guy problem ordinarily, but shy guys find it somehow extremely difficult to initiate that conversation. The intimidation shy guys feel within themselves make them so scared when they want to ask a girl out. This shouldn’t be so at all; after all, the nervousness they feel is also being felt by the girls as well.

Simple Ways to Ask a Girl out If You Are ShySo if you’re a shy guy, you need not worry anymore as the simple ways to ask a girl out are going to be shared with you right now. And if you take them seriously, in no time you’ll become a pro and come to understand that, there is nothing there actually, it’s just self-defeating thought that pull you back from approaching her right away.

Shy guys would even want women to approach them, though they will still feel nervous somehow but not much like when they are the one approaching ladies. [Read; How you can make a woman approach you]

These simple ways to ask a girl out if you are the shy type, will help you in getting the job done with no hassle.

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The Hangout approach to ask a girl out if you are shy

This approach will require you to find out where does she hangs out, if you’re able to do that, you are on the right track. This may not require you to ask her out face to face but it will create level of interest between both of you. Your first target is to let her notice you, since you know where she hangs out, you can just walk pass her or across occasionally so that she can notice you.

You don’t need to do that all alone most time, it will seem you’re a lone looser who just stuck around there doing nothing. Get some of your friends to where she do hangs out and start some discussion where she will notice your present. You don’t have to look at her all the time, just have fun with your friends and don’t do anything that will signal you as a bad guy or bad group of guys. Remember if you want to ask a girl out, she needs to see you as someone fun enough to be with and once she notice your presence, the job is half done because by now she would have pick an interest in you. All you need do here to just go to her sum up your courage and initiate conversation with her. Since she has noticed you earlier, you won’t look like a total stranger to her. [Read; Simplest ways to attract any woman you desire]

Go through her friends Approach to ask a girl out if you are shy

Most times, it is easier to go through friends and meet the one you have crush on. If you a shy guy wanting to ask a girl out, get closer or get to know her friends and make friend with them, that one will not put you under much pressure if there will be any at all. The friendlier you’re with her friends the better your chances of asking her out. When meeting her friends, don’t put her as your center focus, just do it as if you’re kind of guy that is interested in the group as a whole but gradually finding your way around.

The best approach you can use to get easily into her group of friends is to first get closer with one of the friend, and whenever you’re passing across them, just wave out to that particular friend you’ve met first when she or he is with her in the midst of her group of friends. The next time, walk up to that friends and have some few conversation with him or her, I’m sure that friend may want to introduce you to the group, if that happen, it all fine, and then, don’t wait too long in their midst, pretend as if you’ve got somewhere else to go urgently and tell them, you’d like to meet them next time to catch fun with them.

When next you get into her group of friends, you can now stay longer to have some conversation with them not forgetting the main purpose why you are there. As you stay with them to chart, your confident level will be boosted and you begin to find your way to get closer to her. Sum up the courage to walk to her, since you are friends, it will make it easy for her to give you her attention and that will be what you want. Tell her how you feel about her and what exactly you want (I guess asking her out). Just be mature to show her that you care. Be funny, kind but serious at the same time. When asking, don’t come on too strongly. But you could just tell her that you like her.

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With these 2 simple ways to ask a girl out if you are shy, you’re good to go. Stand up now, dust your butt and just do it, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to ask a girl out with these approaches. Feel free to give us a facebook like if you enjoy this simple ways to ask a girl out if you are shy.

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  1. I finds it difficult to ask a girl out due to the thought i have within me: that evry lady would like money be spend on her.

  2. Type here. I like a girl very much this feeling is getting very deep inside me and I don’t know how to tell her how I feel

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