Tips On How To Buy Your Running Shoes You Must Not Ignore

Do you remember the first time you tried to buy your running shoes? Okay, forget running shoes and just think of the first time you bought shoes for a special occasion like wedding or just ordinary shoes for work, church or school.

buy your running shoes

Remember how it took you a while before you finally settled on the pair to buy? When you go to buy your running shoes, the stress could be magnified depending on where you go to buy it or by simply the morphology of your feet.


Buying your running shoes should not be done casually simply because you are buying casual shoes. Running shoes are very important as they can be an important factor in your long term health.

I am sure you don’t want to joke around with your health.

It is no gainsaying you chosed to buy your running shoes because you decided to burn those pesky cholesterols; to improve the condition of your heart and generally keep fit in a good way.

So to avoid things like blisters, sprained joints and other injuries while running, be familiar with these tips and I promise you’d find little reason to regret buying your running shoes.

Ask your friends then ignore their advice

buy your running shoes

The thing about running is that it is very personal and unique. It is just like fingerprints. No two people have the same physique and gait in relation to how they run.

Yes, go ahead and ask your friend, who might be a veteran in running and looks absolutely fit, just to get a general idea about stuff like this.

In the final analysis, you have to ditch all the advice and just wing it on instincts and do what feels right.

Never buy your running shoes from an online store

buy your running shoes

The thing about online stores is that what you see online is guaranteed to be better than what you eventually get.

Like buying other kind of shoes, you need to try out several shoes before you get a perfect or near-perfect fit.

No matter how beautiful those shoes look online, and no matter how convenient it is to just order a pair of shoes while watching your favorite series on the computer, perish the temptation.

Just get off your butt and go to the nearest store. The exercise would do you some good I am sure.

Test, test, test

buy your running shoes

Before you pay and walk out with your brand new shoes, ask the sales person at the store if you can test the shoes before paying for them. By testing, I mean actually wearing them and running around a bit in the store.

You’d be surprised to know some stores would only allow you to try them on but won’t allow you to run around a bit; something to do with altering the pristine nature of the shoe.

You must absolutely insist on testing them. If not, go to another store. Do I have to spell out why you need to test it out. Okay, how about this: can you buy a car without taking it for a spin first?

Soles are important

buy your running shoes

The Soles on the running shoes you want to buy should be determined by where you want to run.

If you are running on concrete roads or asphalt, you might want to invest your money on durable soles made from carbon rubber like the ones used in making car tires. These soles are typically black in color.

On the other hand if you are running on treadmill, soft indoor tracks, grass, or the beach, buying soft-soled running shoes is a good idea. The soles of these shoes are normally white in color and are light because they contain air in them.

Thick soles vs Thin soles

buy your running shoes

It doesn’t matter if you are buying carbon-based soles or not, the thickness must be a factor.

For your feet to adapt to the terrain more easily, you need the soles to be thin. This is important to avoid injuries if you are exercising outdoors in rough country terrain.

Avoid perfectly fitting shoes

buy your running shoes

You feet swell when you run. That is inevitable. To accommodate the swelling while running, the shoes must not fit perfectly. They should be a little over-sized.

If the distances you intend to put in are very long, feel free to buy your running shoes with as much wriggle room as possible for your toes and heels.

Now you are done reading the tips on how to buy your running shoes, it is time to head to the stores and get yourself a new pair and start living the healthy lifestyle you had always planned.

If you have anymore tips on how buy running shoes kindly share them in the comments section below. Or you can tell us your experience about running shoes in general.

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