You Can Become A Better Partner Through These 5 Approaches

You Can Become A Better Partner Through These 5 Approaches

Everyone dream of being a better partner in relationship and marriage, but why is it that many people in relationship today lack the quality that can be said of being better partner. Being a better partner can be relative, since individual has their personal preferences, yet there are certain attribute that shouldn’t be missing in the life of every partner, if ones want to become a better partner.

The dynamism of romantic relationship is being influenced by everyday experience, whatever that happens to you and your partner has a greater reflections on how you’re being fare in your relationship. In other to make what happen to you not having a negative effect on your relationship, it is always better for you to evaluate what’s your contribution to the relationship.

You Can Become A Better Partner Through These 5 ApproachesIs there anything you’re doing to help or hurt your relationship? How are your actions and inaction influence you and your partner quality everyday interaction in your relationship? These are some of the questions you should address that will help you to become a better partner in your relationship.

Fortunately, I have been able to come up with 5 approaches that can help you be the better partner you dream of being in your relationship.

Show gratitude in your expression

There’s a great different between feeling grateful and expressing your gratefulness to your partner. Feeling grateful is self-centred while expressing it to your partner involves sharing your gratefulness, which has a positive influence on your relationship and a better perception from your partner. When you show gratitude in your expression, you’re building a better, happier and also maintaining a healthy relationship.

Be humble and put your ego under check

A humble person who does not put his or her ego before the relationship and marriage is in most time make a better relationship partner. According to Van Tongeren, Davis & Hook, 2004 – humility is an important ingredient for relationship success. When you’re humble, you will be able to evaluate positively in your relationship. Humility combine with forgiveness are greater tools in the hand of people who are successful in their relationship. So, embrace humility to boost your chance of having a healthy relationship with your partner.

The quality of time spent together is very important

It is not how long you stay together that gives you relationship satisfaction but rather, relationship satisfaction increases time spent together. When you spend time with your partner, don’t look at the quantity of this time but the quality of the time spend together that matter. With this in mind, you’ll be able to discuss issues that will help your relationship grow as well as live a healthy relationship.

 Show kindness to yourself

Before you can talk of living with another person and make great impact in the partnership, you need to first be compassionate about yourself. Self-compassionate is ideal bases towards a healthy partnership, lots of scientific evidences are gearing up in support of this. When you’re compassionate toward yourself, you kind of take it easy with yourself when inadequacy surface, failure to achieve what you plan to achieve and imperfection won’t make you look horrible, you’ll only encourage yourself to give it a try again. It is this self-compassionate behaviour that is being carried into partnership; this will help you in building a healthy relationship with your partner. When you work with yourself this way, you will find it lot easier to show care and concern for your partner (Neff & Beretvas, 2013).

Develop a sense of trust

Your ability to develop a sense of trust will help you to feel that you can both be seen, heard, agreed and accepted. If you can’t trust yourself, you can’t trust your partner and until you learn to trust yourself that you can begin to have same trust for your partner, in doing this, you’re building a healthy and long lasting relationship which will make you the better partner you really wanted to be.

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