Swimming Pool And The Benefits Of Swimming Your Way To Perfect Health

Taking swimming lessons (not at a swimming pool though) was one of the best decisions I made in my life. I was a kid then, on summer vacation in the my dad’s village. I badgered one of my uncles to teach me how to swim after I got tired of playing in the shallow end of the large stream at the back of our house. It was embarrassing seeing kids younger than me scything through the water while I stood watching enviously. Those were the most beneficial two months of my young life. I came back to town a swimming expert. Sort of.

swimming pool

The thing about swimming is once you learn it you never forget. So  I am still good at it. I hardly swim these days though. One reason is because the only swimming pool near where I leave is always plagued by some finely sculptured young guys and ladies. You know, the kind who spend hours in the gym working out, only to show up at the swimming pool just to show off. Gosh, they make my rotund tummy look obscene. I have this sneaking suspicion my girl hates going too because those superbly shaped girls give her temporary inferiority complex.

Because there are so many benefits to swimming, I need to resume doing it frequently asap. All the benefits of a low-impact exercise like yoga can be got swimming. What about the benefits of vigorous exercises like jumping, running and weights exercises? Yep, you get those from swimming. And you’d have fun while doing it. My plan to get get back to regular swimming is simple. I am going to convince my rich neighbor to build a swimming pool in his large compound. I have started talking to him about why it is important to exercise. So far, like most rich folks, he doesn’t see how he’d make time to exercise. He thinks I am talking about running and all that kind of stuff.

Once I ease the conversation towards building a beautiful swimming pool in his house, these are the things I will tell him he is going to benefit having a swimming pool in his house.

Swimming Pool Exercise is a Very Safe

The only caveat here is you may drown if you don’t know how. So obviously it is only  for those who can swim. Being a low impact exercise, having muscles or joint pains cannot stop you from swimming. The water acts like soft support for your body, while you do your moves, thus making sure you get all the exercise you need. Ask elite athletes like footballers, swimming is one exercise that is highly recommended when they get injured and need to keep fit while recovering.

Swimming is Awesome Aerobics

What do you see when a person is swimming? I see a person burning up excess calories as they pump their arms and bodies in the water. And the good thing about swimming is that you get to burn more calories than calisthenics, or weightlifting. Now, do you need me to tell you how that can benefit your heart, your weight and all those other health issues that can be eased with vigorous exercise? Yes, swimming can help you shed all that excess weight.

Swimming Improves Physiology

If you hate going to the gym to sweat it out, swimming is the best alternative for you. With regular swimming, you get strong arms without developing those bulging biceps. Your quads too become supple and strong without having to look like an Olympic level weightlifter. All the major organs in the body benefit from the exercise too, especially the cardiovascular, nervous and muscular systems. All these while having fun!

swimming poolPoolSide Parties

Yeah, the fun just goes on and on. With a pool just next door, it will not stretch our imagination to organize poolside parties. To simplify our task, we can throw a themed party, which will help us specify all the decorations related to the theme. For instance, if we want to have a party with our besties, we can decide on one of our favorite movies or TV series and get all the pool decorations. Filling the pool with customized floating beer pongs, inflatable coolers, drink holders, or inflatable swimming tubes will create an entertaining and cool place. Unlike wholesale pool floaties that can not fit into your theme, custom-made inflatables are a great option for memorable parties.

Of course, the guests would be chosen carefully. No point inviting all those annoying guys and ladies that would end up making us feel bad about our rotund bodies. Thankfully, none of my friends has the body of model with prominent six packs.

I know you are thinking my rich neighbor has no chance of refusing with that kind of pitch. You shouldn’t blame him. I am doing it for his own good after all. By the way, if you are thinking of taking up swimming, make sure you always have a good swimmer near you. And do take a good bath after a dip in a swimming pool. The chlorine is not good for your body and hair. If after taking a swim you notice that your skin looks and feel funny, it is likely you have an allergy to chlorine. Your best bet is to forget swimming. Unfortunately.

Overall, I don’t think you can’t find any single exercise regime that beats swimming. Look at all the fun you would have. Look at what it would do to your body. My neighbor would name his first kid after me I am sure.

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