New Year Resolution: A Definitive Guide on How to Accomplish It

New Year Resolution: A Definitive Guide on How to Accomplish It

Few days from now, another year will begin, the resolution you made for the present year are still unaccomplished and you’ve decided to make another resolution for the coming year. You are familiar with making a New Year’s Resolution and at the same time you’re probably familiar with breaking them. Don’t worry anymore, this time around, you’re going to achieve your New Year’s resolution provided that you will follow the guide I’m going to reveal here in this proven and tested principles.

New Year Resolution: A Definitive Guide on How to Accomplish ItNow, let me make it clear to you the number one reason why people don’t accomplish their New Year Resolution, it is because their resolution were not really resolution in the first place. Right! A Perfect New Year’s Resolution must be a very specific kind of goal and not just anyhow goal

The following criteria have to be met for an effective New Year Resolution

  • It must be measurable and specific. In other words, someone who doesn’t knows you should simply be able to objectively determine whether or not you’ve achieved it.
  • It should positively impact your life, if only indirectly.
  • A process of events should be required in order to accomplish it. For instance; “Visit Kenya” doesn’t count if you normally travel and it’s within your financial means and comfort zone. It would count, however, if you had to come up with some way of financing the trip, or if you moved there for a month, or if you were having an existential crisis about hippos and were going there to confront your fears.
  • You must be answerable to someone on those resolutions you’ve made.
  • It must be achievable by 11:59pm on December 31 of that present year.

It Is Time Now Brainstorming Your New Year Resolution

Let put those criteria I just mention above aside for a moment, try to make a list as much as possible of all goals you think you might want to accomplish next year. Just list as many things as you can think of and leave details aside for now.

Try to think at least a goal or two in every area of your life. Don’t just focus on something you want badly like losing weight or quitting smoking. Consider new hobbies, your personal relationships, your reading habits, your educational status, and so on.

Now Narrow It Down

Out of all your potential goals, choose five or sixDon’t select five/six goals from the same topic area. For instance; We all want to improve our financial situation, but out of the five resolutions, we have chosen to spend less in the new year as one goal and also chosen to earn more as another goal, this will definitely make you to ignore the many other important aspects of life.

You Need to Refine Your Goals

It’s time to transform your five goals into five iron-clad resolutions. Be creative and try to incorporate two or more goals into a single resolution.

For example:

Poor: “Lose weight”

Better: “Lose 30lbs”
Good: “Weigh 124lbs naked on the morning of December 31″
Awesome: “Run three miles without stopping wearing Nike sweatpants”The awesome version of this resolution not only incorporates two common goals: losing weight and exercising more into one, but it also focuses on one of the real reasons we want to lose weight: to fit into a smaller clothing size. It doesn’t matter what number the scale shows if your pants won’t fit!

Consider this another example:

Poor: “Save money”

Better: “Save €1,000″
Good: “Have £1,000 in a savings account on December 31″
Awesome: “Earn €1,000 in information marketing revenue from both online and off-line, put it in a savings account, and don’t spend a penny of it”A vague resolution is just begging to be crossed off before you stayed true to the original spirit of the goal. You could technically “save €1,000″ from your paycheck on Friday for two days and then spend it all on Monday. The awesome version of this resolution is awesome because it focuses on building a passive income stream, and it specifies that you don’t spend any of the new income. You can repeat this resolution refining process until you have five perfectly tuned New Year’s Resolutions

Plan for Success

For each resolution, you’ll need to make as detailed a roadmap as possible guiding you from where you are today to where you’ll need to be in order to declare the resolution an accomplishment.

Every step needs to be so basic that a little child can read it and have a good understanding of what needs to get done. You might not be able to map out the latter end of the journey right now. That’s okay. The important thing is that you have atleast one action step that you can take right now towards each of your resolutions.

Review for Success

At least once per week, make an appointment with yourself to review your progress towards each of the five resolutions. Enter this weekly appointment as a recurring event in your calendar and set an email or SMS alert or alarm in you phone to remind yourself. At this weekly appointment, make sure that you have at least one action item for each of your five resolutions, even if that action item is just to brainstorm ideas.

Create a No-Fail Environment 

  • The less ways you have to fail, the easier it will be to succeed. Eliminate distractions and disruptions now, before the New Year begins.
  • If you’re going to start exercising, make sure all your workout clothes are clean. Fix the zipper on your windbreaker. Stop storing file boxes on the gym equipment in you house.
  • If you’re going to be more productive, cancel your cable television subscription. Clean off your computer desktop (and your computer desk).
  • If you’re going to eat better and/or lose weight, go through your kitchen now and get rid of all the empty calories. Donate what you can to a local soup kitchen or give it to the neighbors.

Treat Yourself 

  • The worst thing you can do and we all do it, is to try to beat yourself into submission when embarking on a new goal.
  • Remember: the entire point of a New Year’s Resolution is to make next year BETTER than last year. If you become your own personal slave-driver, you might achieve your goal, but you’ll have missed the entire point.
  • If you’re starting an exercise regime, invest in some new, comfortable, well-fitting workout clothes. If nothing else, buy a box of pleasant-smelling dryer sheets to wash your workout gear in so it perks you up when you put it on.
  • If you’re going to be eating healthier, don’t stock up on celery and rice cakes  take time to find filling, delicious foods to replace your cravings for the bad stuff.
  • If you’re going to work long hours, spend some time turning your bathroom and/or bedroom into a sanctuary (heavy curtains, candles, warm smells, clean/soft sheets and towels, warm lighting, etc.) so you can really relax when you have the chance. Get a library card and check out a couple books you’ve been meaning to read so you have the means to unwind. Subscribe to a trashy tabloid so you can zone out when you’re overworked and need a break.
  • The bottom line: treat yourself gently; You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Constant Motivation

People often say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does eating. That’s why we recommend it daily. No matter how motivated you are now to see your goals to fruition, chances are that at some point (and probably a lot sooner than you think), your motivation is going to wane and you’re going to be tempted to give up.
  • Surround yourself with motivation and reminders wherever possible.
  • Subscribe to motivational blogs and podcasts.
  • Tape up pictures of people and things that reflect your end goals.
  • Keep a motivational quotation journal.
  • Post motivational stories and quotations on the fridge, on the front door, and in your office.
  • The best place to put a motivational reminder (or two, or three) is by your alarm clock. Not only will it help you to wake up [faster], but it will start your day off on the right path.
Follow this plan, and the New Year is guaranteed to be your best ever in Resolution Accomplishment. Wishing you a prosperous resolution accomplished year. 
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