Weighing Your Options For A Female Friend’s Birthday

Today’s my female friend’s birthday and I don’t know what to do. Okay, scratch that. I know the sort of things, and there are so many of of them, you can do for female friends on their birthdays, but this case is somewhat different.

female friend's birthday

The thing is, I am desperately seeking a middle ground where whatever I do for her is just enough. Without anybody thinking there are meanings to be read into my actions.

You see, she is not my girlfriend. We are close though. Which is a bummer because she is very beautiful and all that. The kind of girl you’d definitely like to date under different circumstances.

I am sure you guys feel me. I mean, I know many of you have been in a situation where you dread the approach of a lovely female friend’s birthday because you don’t know what to do.

Girls just don’t understand how this kind be dicey for a guy. On one hand, if what you did for her is a bit extravagant, some (including the girl herself) might say you are laying down a clear marker of your real feelings for her.

On the other hand, doing something conservative and laid back might be construed in bad light. Like maybe you are just a stingy man.

Let me break it down in case you are still scratching your head about what this dude is going on about not knowing what to do on a female friend’s birthday.

Taking her out for a treat

female friend's birthday

The best kind of gifts for a birthday are unexpected, surprised ones. Now, if you decided on a surprise date on your female friend’s birthday, that could come with some hiccups.

The first is, what if she has a boyfriend you knew nothing about and he decided to take her out that day? You’d be left trying to find a graceful way to exit the awkward situation after she’d informed you she won’t be able to make it.

Secondly, how do you manage an innocent date with a girl who is not your girlfriend? Anything could happen depending on your choice of venue.

And it is very possible you might fall short of the standards she expects from a dude like you.

Buying a gift on your female friend’s birthday

female friend's birthday

Again, the issues involve cut both ways. The gift might be too expensive leaving you open to accusations of nursing ulterior motives.

Or the gift might be so inadequate and out of sync with her perceived image of you it would have being better not to do anything at all.

In my case though, I don’t do gifts for ladies except they specifically ask for something. I am notoriously bad at buying stuff for ladies.

Back in the day, I outsourced that part of my social life to my sisters’ and numerous female cousins. It saved me a lot of grief.

The last time I bought a gift, the lady was very unhappy with my choice. She did not think much of the very expensive microSD memory card I bought as a New Year present.

Sending her a cute birthday text message

female friend's birthday

That would be my best choice. It would be easy to just get some very inspiring texts messages online, then customizes it to fit the occasion.

However, the prevailing wisdom in social interactions these days is if you are close to a lady, you have to do better than a message.

Because, she’d get hundreds of those on her Facebook wall from casual friends and family. So you’d need to do something to show you are more than just an online buddy.

Calling her up

female friend's birthday

Doing this proves only a couple of things far as I am concerned: I have her number and I know her outside social media. So what?

So I call her up and in the course of the conversation she asked, ‘What are you going to get for me? Surprise me with something nice.

See that, I am back to that avoidable ‘gift situation‘ again; and this time I’d have to promise her something because she asked.

Seriously, I’d rather watch paint dry or do something equally boring than to start cracking my brain about the coolest and most adequate gift for her.

Do nothing….?

female friend's birthday

Doing nothing on your female friend’s birthday, especially if you want to maintain your credibility, is wrong on so many levels.

I ditched the idea as soon as it came into my mind

So guys, ladies, please help this dude out of a dicey situation. I have this niggling feeling I might get away with it this year. But what about next year?

I need to arm myself with the proper response for next year. Or come to think of it, I might find myself getting too close to another awesome lady who is not my girlfriend. This things happen you know.

So, pretty please, use the comments section to give me the needed advice on what to do no matter how silly or ridiculous the advice might sound.

If you can’t think of anything to say, why not share this with your friends Facebook or Twitter. They just might have some cool advice for me.


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