3 Unique Date Tips To Spice Up Your Love Life

One of the things I dread in a relationship is running out of ways to wow! my partner. Sure it’s normal for an affair to settle down into a regular pattern after that initial whirlwind when you couldn’t get enough of each other. Going out for a date doesn’t have to follow the same pattern constantly. I mean how many times can you go out for dinner or a movie? How many times can you repeat the same things before the rut sets in and you both get bored? I’m not saying there is anything wrong with normal dates. But come on, they get rather mundane after a while.

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Coming up with a unique date idea can take up more time than I care to admit. But to keep the spice or excitement in a relationship could as well be a full time job. It shouldn’t be stressful though. However, it is a task that must be carried out with the proper due diligence to achieve the desired results. Seriously, you don’t want your unique date to be marred because you didn’t plan very well.

Th easiest way to come up with a unique dating idea is to sit back, relax, and think things you haven’t done before with your partner. It should  be way out of your comfort zone. I figured asking around for unique dating tips was a good idea. It turned out, it was not that easy. My friends suggested stuff I did not consider unique. After exhausting all the dudes on my friends list, I toyed with the idea of changing friends asap. What’s the point in having friends if they can’t help you in times of need.

One idea was to go for a mountain climbing. Not bad. Only, there was no mountain close by. I flirted with the idea of climbing trees instead. That could be fun. It was then I noticed that one of the pitfalls of living in a city is the absence of good-sized decent trees. Looking for trees to climb could also be an excuse for a long ride out of the city just to enjoy the country side. That could work.

Finally, I came up with 3 unique, fun things you can do on a weekend with your better half.

Unique Date Tip #1

dating tipsThis requires a bit of planning and subterfuge. This should wake the inner slick player in you. Suggest you go out to a beach, picnic spot or anywhere there are quite a few people around having fun. At this point it sounds rather common right? Here is the catch.

Before the D-day, arrange a very good artist to be there before you guys. The kind of artist that can easily draw life-like paintings of their subjects. By the time you get there, your artist is already waiting to capture a nice portrait of her. A candid portrait so to speak. Naturally, you need to get her to sit still long enough for your man to do his thing without her having any idea.

Then surprise her a few hours later by presenting her with the painting. Hopefully, the painting would be such a masterpiece that years later, she’d be marvelling at what she did that made her skin so flawless.

Unique Date Tip #2

dating tipsRemember when you used to be young and carefree? So naughty everybody was scared of you? You missed those times I am sure. You can wake up the nasty streak in you with the next tip.

Get her to dress in a nice outfit. Not too expensive. Or elaborate. Just casual enough to give the impression of wealth, class and taste. You do the same. Wear something to give the impression of a very successful man. I am not saying you wear the tuxedo that took so much time to organize for the wedding you attended recently. Nope. Something simple and stylish. Because you want to look like a young rich dude with money to burn.

Now take her to a car mart. Tap into your acting skills and pretend you want to buy a car. Make it convincing. She should be in the act too. Get the sales person to let you guys test drive any car of your choice. This is an opportunity to drive that expensive SUV you know you can only realistically get after a lifetime of saving.

Now, your creativity would be the only thing standing between you and all the fun you’ll have.

Unique Date Tip #3

dating tipsNow this is my absolute favorite. It won’t cost you a dime. And it would make your bonds stronger. Just pick a convenient weekend, and instead of doing the normal things, take her to your office. Make sure you have some left over jobs waiting for you. You can both have fun doing the things that put food on the table. She gets to appreciate how hard you work daily. Obviously this is going to be worthwhile if your daily work involves working hard. There is no point doing this if all you do all day is to bark at your minions.

Next time she calls you at work to ask how your day is going, you know she has a very good idea what you are going through. Another plus for this scheme is, she gets to put a face to all those characters you are always talking about.

That I could only come up with just three unique dating tips show how hard it is to be creative in dating. Or maybe it shows I am just another philistine. Dry and unimaginative. So help me out. Share those creative date tips you have in your repertoire.

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