Attention! See How Facebook Can Destroy Your Relationship

How Facebook Can Destroy Your Relationship

Relationship status on Facebook varies from single, in a relationship, engaged, it’s complicated, married, in an open relationship, widowed, separated, and divorced. All registered Facebook users must belong to any of these statuses. It is good to put up our relationship status on Facebook in as much as we are telling all our friends and every other person in the world who takes a look at our profile just to know our status.
One good thing about Facebook is that, whatever changes we made on our profile, the Facebook News feed will immediately update it for all our friends to see the changes. This is good but sometimes it may not be too good for us, for instance, Thomas Crampton’s engagement ended when the international tech journalist and his fiancé Thuy-Tien Tran wanted to make their personal life a little more private, the happily engaged couple removed their relationship from the profile. Facebook News feed jump into conclusion and quickly alerted all their friends on the social network that the engagement was off, immediately all friends started making comments, sending in condolence messages. The alleged break up was a false alarm because they actually got married latter.
It gives me great joy sometimes when I see a new couple being made on facebook, but at the same time things can get complicated somehow, most especially for those that were known to have been in a relationship and one of them decided to hide his/her status or probably change it to it’s complicated after just little argument. Most especially when he/she failed to properly communicate such decision to the other partner. Something like this can actually cause a change in the whole dynamic of relationship.
Communication with cute friends (of the opposite sex) or even ex on facebook can sometime cause another argument between couple. Commenting on friend’s pictures, new updates about his/her newly purchased car or house, even clicking the “like” button about their status update can lead to a terrible argument in the house.
These are some of the scenario we all witness everyday on facebook, is facebook really affecting our relationship negatively or positively? The effect has to do with individual in the way we live our life. Even if we delete our account on facebook, does that mean we will not meet new people, make friends and have fun? We go out every day and meet different people of different background, race, tribe and even colour and that does not put our relationship in trouble. So why will facebook which to me is even much more fun most especially when I need to meet people who can make me smile, laugh and even shout.
Some key things to know are:
  1. Be clear about what you want to achieve on facebook page; meeting people, fun, networking and all other, and you need to be aware of the consequence of your purpose.
  2. Do not too rely on the privacy policy of the facebook because it can be hacked and your private life may become a public knowledge. If you have something that you don’t want some people to know about you like an ex in your friend list, or a particular picture. Don’t post them on facebook.
  3. Be mindful of the people you accept as your friend and the kind of friendship request you sent out. If any of your friends try to cause you your emotional peace, it is time to delist them as your friend on facebook.
  4. Be honest with your partner about your page and display that unique individuality in you. If you have an ex in your friends list, expect your partner as well to have. If you demand trust then you must give as well.
I hope you enjoy this and if you have any comment, addition or correction, you’re free to use any of the comment form (facebook & blogger) and let your voice be heard on this interesting topic. Enjoy.

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