12 Signs You Are Dating A Stingy Guy

I got lots of flaks from some ladies who felt my piece on gold digging girls was too harsh on girls who are just trying to survive in a difficult world. It got me thinking about dating a stingy guy.

Sometimes, it is not that the girl is a gold digger, but that the guy is so stingy he thinks any demand for money no matter how reasonable, is a sign the girl is a gold digger.

dating a stingy guy

Dating a stingy guy from what I heard the ladies say is an experience not to remember. Unfortunately, most of them are so traumatized by the experience of dating a stingy guy they find it hard to forget.

One girl claimed the experience was not something she’d wished on her enemy. I looked at her to see if there was a naughty twinkle in her eye when she said that.

Nope. No twinkle. She was dead serious.

As a guy, I am proud to announce that been stingy is not a label you’d attached to me. This is not me blowing my trumpet. I get several testimonies from friends and family that it’s blasphemy to mention my name in he same sentence with stingy.

I wished there was a monetary prize for guys like us. You know, to encourage us to keep up the good work (insert smiley face!)

Okay, enough of that talk. Ladies, if you don’t want to have an experience you’d not wish on your enemy by dating a stingy guy, these are the signs to look out for:

Going out on Dates

dating a stingy guy

Going out on dates is one of the easiest ways of knowing you are dating stingy guy. Here are some things to look out for

1. Stingy guys know the cheapest restaurants in town. They are a walking encyclopedia of the coolest places where everything is cheap. Anytime he suggests you guys should try another joint for variety, you can bet a year’s pay check he just discovered a cheaper restaurant.

2. You know how the first time he didn’t put up any resistant when you suggested you go dutch on the first dinner date? Perhaps you thought it was cute he did not allow his ego to get in the way of splitting the cheque like most men do.

That is okay on the first date when you guys were feeling each other out. But doing it always and even reminding you about paying your share all the time is a clear sign you are dating a stingy man. You better take a hike before you dig a hole you can’t come out of.

You are dating a stingy man if he hates buying gifts

dating a stingy guy

This too is a common trait with stingy men. They are experts in coming up with reasons why buying gifts are a waste of money.

They are good at giving long sermons about why feelings are to be cherished much more than gifts that would lose value over time.

Birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions are really stressful times for a stingy man as he fidgets with new ways to escape spending money on gifts.

He complains about everything

dating a stingy guy

The only time stingy men are completely satisfied with their lot in life is when somebody else is picking up the bills.

God help the lady dating a stingy guy if she happens to earn more than him. Your healthy bank account is a fair and legitimate target when he goes on a rant about why he should be spared the trauma of wasting money.

Because he is stingy, he complains about almost everything. Even keeping quiet and sulking in the corner of the room is a form of protest about why his money should be left alone.

His wardrobe is like something from the last century


Generally, men don’t bother about buying new stuff, but the wardrobe of your stingy boyfriend takes the cake in, ‘How to make clothes last a life time.

You might mistake him for a hoarder because of the old things in his wardrobe. But unlike hoarders, he actually wears these outdated clothes with shoes that are just begging to be allowed to rest in peace after a long time of service.

Don’t be surprised if he uses his wardrobe as a perfect example of how a good wife material should treat money.

He is a penny pincher

dating a stingy guy

As a penny pincher, your stingy man is prone to these things

1. He would walk kilometers to buy items just to get a bargain not minding the time and energy wasted.

2. When he is forced to give gifts, he’d rather wrap an old gift he got from somebody and present it as his own gift to you or others.

3. You are dating a stingy guy if he’d rather stay at home and eat left-overs instead of taking you out.

4. He also has a collection of cheap pirated DVD’s because he doesn’t want to spend money on cable TV, Netflix or take you to the movies.

Check out his car

dating a stingy guy

Men love their cars. The car is likely the only place he bothers to spend money. Here is the thing though. That car is very old but is well maintained and in good condition.

Proper investigation would show that your stingy man bought the car at a bargain prize but treats it like the crown jewels.

Dating a stingy man without a car…

Then be prepared to walk a lot with him. He knows all about the benefits of walking to your health.

And when he has to pay to get to a place because the distance is just too much, a bus would do just nicely if it is the cheapest mode of transport.

He won’t mind waiting for hours at the bust stop for that bus to arrive if there is chance he is going to save a dime in the process.

Watch them haggle

dating a stingy guy

Perhaps you thought nobody could best your mother in the market. Well, when dating a stingy guy, better not accompany him to the market if you want to keep your sanity.

Spending hours with a trader haggling is nothing to them. They are very patient and can out-talk any seller with their persistence.

So ladies, if you notice your man showing any of these traits, just know you are dating a stingy guy.

If your man is not that sort, you can help a friend by sharing this on Facebook or Twitter. Cheers.

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  1. I met this guy on first date he bought a coffee and snack. We went to a bar after and i paid for all the drinks. He didn’t even offer. After that i visited him 3 times each time i took wines, chocolate and snack, he took bags away from me, looked inside and put it away. Never opened my gifts nor said thank you. Then he visited me twice came empty handed not even a bottle of water for him. I ordered takeaway first time and he showed me what to order. I even bought him a coffee. He couldn’t even buy me a coffee. When he visits me i end up spending £60/70 but so far he did nothing. I’m amazed at how shameless he is in just taking. I need to cut him out,

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