How To Enjoy Your Relationship Without Problems

Every day people face one relationship problem or the other and many ask, how do you enjoy your  relationship without problems?  Just recently, a friend of mine laments how difficult he finds it to maintain longer relationship with the opposite sex. He was, obviously, moody and sad while narrating his experiences in relationships. According to him, he does everything within his power to make any girl he loves happy and fulfilled. Yet, problems seem to be inevitable. “What could be the cause of all these, please?” he once asked me, with his eyes fixed into my own as if the answers he was seeking for were hidden there.

Oh, my God! I was really touched that I felt for her. Spontaneously, my face changed and tears filled my eyes. There and then, I decided to look deep into his case to really understand the cause of his predicament. But guess what? I realized that he is not the only one having relationship problems. Yes! He is not the only person.

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In our world today, a good number of people are presently suffering the same fate like my friend. Take note, when I say my friend, I’m not shifting the problem to a specific gender just because my friend is a man.

No! Far from that, problems in relationship are not meant for a class of gender. Dick and Harry can suffer them if proper care is not taken.

Therefore, for you to shun problems in your relationship without losing that your sweetheart, it is very important you know why issues can come up in your relationship.

Let us consider some of these points below and see how you can push away problems at the end:

1. There is no living angel in the world

Issues can raise their heads in your relationship when you are too conscious of your partner’s weak points instead of considering the areas he or she is clearly good and admirable. Yes, problems are bound to come up. Do you know why? There is no living angel in the world. All the angels are in heaven.

The world is filled with weak and incomplete beings. Hence, if you truly desire to enjoy your relationship, you must realize this fact: you must learn to count more of your partner’s virtues than his or her vices. If not, you won’t escape having traumatic relationship with the opposite sex and even a person of the same sex with you.

2. Avoid claiming what you are not if you hope to enjoy your relationship

Another reason problems can surface in your relationship is early lies. Let me make my point clearer here. You can not enjoy your relationship if your present a false image of yourself to your partner.  To some persons, the best way to get a person of their heart is by claiming who and what they are not to the person just to make sure they win the person’s heart.

This sounds smart and, most of the time gives you the intended result. But the question is: does it really last? No, it does not. I expect that to be your fast reply. Take my advice for you: if you really desire your relationship to be sweeter than that of Romeo and Juliet, you must learn to apply sincerity at the beginning.

Let us take for instance, you are into a relationship with someone; both of you agreed to abstain from sex till after marriage. Let me ask you: what will you do during your honey after the wedding when you discover that your so called lover has been barren or impotent for years without telling you?

3. Do everything in your power keep away from malice

Keeping of malice in relationship can go a long way in destroying that your made in heaven relationship with your partner. Keeping of malice can result to disaffection. What do I mean?  When you are provoked by your girlfriend or boyfriend, it is not healthy to let the anger last for long.

Sure, it can make you to lose affection for your partner. Apparently, any sexual relationship without sex in it is as good as no relationship. Yes! Sex is one of the factors that strengthens and keeps the relationship going. But the situation when you deny your partner sex just because you are angry, believe me, you are building your relationship to crash.

Hence, do not let anger and malice control you in that your cherished relationship. Follow this link to continue to part two of this article and learn fully how to enjoy your relationship without problem.

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