How Not to Be Needy Before Guys

How Not to Be Needy Before Guys

When a woman appear needy before any guy, the guy begin to think otherwise if not drop her as a result of her being too needy.  Nobody like someone that appear to be needy, you have to learn how not to be needy before guys so that guys can see you as a sensible and respectable lady that can be take home to mama.

Not to Be Needy Before GuysBeing needy or clingy has never been favourable to any lady in relationship. It seems it’s natural for women to want attention, affection and reassurance.

Needy is a plain definition is to want something excessively or in excessive degree, being affection, want, or reassurance in an excessive way.

Guys love to be given their personal space and the freedom make them be what they want to be instead of a lady coming into their life and become a pest in their way of freedom. Men are very sensitive to this kind of clingy behavour from women.

It is therefore important for you as a lady to appear before men as someone who is independent, active and not appearing needing or burden to any guy. Give them the freedom they desire, staying around your guy 24/7 is not even healthy to your relationship.

So, how not to be needy before guys? Here is what you need to know and possibly put into practice if you have not been doing it before.

Never you put guys at the center of your life, don’t depend on guys for your happiness, it is better for you to first like who you are and be happy with yourself, then any guy coming into your life is just an addition to your happiness and never your primary source of happiness.

You will also need to work on your insecurity because insecurity is one the reasons why female appear to be needy before guys. Work on it and assure yourself of your self worth.

To confirm all these for yourself, go ask any guy, they will tell you that guys are always attracted to women that are happy with their life, active with their hobbies. Guys will never want that massive burden on their shoulder in which they see you as they are the only person that can make you happy. You must know this, that nobody is responsible for another person happiness, you have to be responsible for your own happiness because you’re the master of your feelings; you only chose how you’re to react to situation around you.

Therefore, ladies should make a conscious decision to take control of their life. You may enroll to a new class, group, meet new people, make new friends, find an interesting hobby, get out and about seeing new things and places. I can assure that, the more confident you feel about yourself, the more quality guys you will see getting attracted to you.

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