After Taking Your Bae To Task, 5 Reasons She Did Not Utter A Word

Men can be menacing without meaning to. Many times, in the face of that bottled menace seemingly threatening to explode, girls are better served by withdrawing into themselves. This underlines why after taking your bae to task, your girlfriend would rather remain silent instead of joining issues with you.

after taking your bae to task

The long and short of it is this, generations of women through the centuries must have passed that intuitive survival gene to their female forebears. Because when it comes right down to it, it is in the best interests of the lady and the relationship for her to remain silent after taking her to task over one issue or the other.

However, there is this niggling suspicion that it is much more than survival that makes them behave as if the cat got their tongues. Frankly speaking, men are so used to women rattling away non-stop that keeping quiet when faced with a robust argument leaves us in mild shock. Sometimes, the shock is more than mild.

Quiet or silent girls are not something most men are used to.

So what other reasons could be responsible for her silence after taking your bae to task? For today’s women, the reasons could include any of the following:

She’d lost the zeal or appetite to say something

after taking your bae to task

This isn’t a bit of talk from an alternate universe. The women we know actually love talking. They don’t run away from a verbal spat.

The sudden silent in the face of a verbal gauntlet could be down to just this: she has simply lost interest in engaging in a war of words with you.

It could be because she thought your angry words were a trailer load of nonsense. Or at the point you were in full flow, she thought the best respond for you was to make you look silly by remaining silent.

Whatever the reason, she has decided not to utter a word. And that could a damming respond to guys who thought they were in for a juicy battle of words. That silence could really be deflating to our egos.

You brought up too many unrelated issues

after taking your bae to task

While thinking you are justified in berating your bae, you unwittingly go in for an over-kill. This happens when there are lots of unresolved issues in the past. For you, this might be the time to lump in past issues with the present one in order to resolve all of them at once.

This is the classic killing several birds with one stone. In this case though, your significant other might choose to say nothing.

The reason is obvious. She is not ready to deal with so many issues at that point. So the best option is simply to stay quiet after taking your bae to task in a way that was blatantly an over-kill.

After taking your bae to task she became too angry

after taking your bae to task

Have you ever been faced with a situation where the force of your anger renders you speechless? If you have, you’d understand why she might be so angry she opted to remain quiet.

Keeping quiet is actually a good thing though. Because engaging with you in that state can lead her to utter things she’d regret later. Perhaps, the harm done to the relationship could be irreparable.

You know what they say about hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Well, an angry woman is just like a trigger happy soldier. She might shoot first before asking questions later.

At which point, it might be too late to rectify any damage.

She is simply tired

after taking your bae to task

On the other hand, your bae could simply be tired of the whole talk which was why you met a brick wall of silence after taking your bae to task.

Look at it this way, it is possible she tried to calm you by chipping in a word or two. But you refused to listen. You wanted to have your say uninterrupted.

And perhaps she attempted to make you understand a few things as you were taking her to task. Again, you refused to heed her. You completely shut her down with threats of violence or dire consequences if she kept interrupting you.

You shouldn’t blame her if she suddenly gets tired of the whole business and just left you alone to enjoy your rants. I mean, from her point of view, you apparently love to hear yourself talking non-stop like a music player on continuous play.

She is bored of the situation

after taking your bae to task

Girls are unpredictable. While it is entirely possible that she instigated an epic rant from you, it is also possible her interest in the subject is not as deep as you might think.

Imagine this, you are taking her to task for what you thought was an almighty screw up from her; You feel justified that this is an issue worth spending time and energy on.

But to her, it could be a non-issue. And she is a bit surprised you took it so deeply to heart. Unfortunately, she is not ready to go down that route with you. So after taking your bae to task, she’d prefer to play with her phone or nibble her fingernails out rightly ignoring your desire for a reply from her.

As this point, she is not remotely interested in the subject. Watching paint dry is more interesting.

So if you find yourself at the end of such treatment from your bae after taking your bae to task, be aware the reasons could what you just read or something else.

That something else are the things I would love you to tell us about in the comment box if you are a lady and you’ve being faced with such a situation. Alternatively, why not share this with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and see what they have to say.


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