6 Ways to Resolve Having a Fight with your Partner

When you are in a relationship, there is no way you won’t have a fight with your partner in one way or the other.

I don’t mean physical exchange of blows but rather arguments which lead to quarrels.

You cannot do without it as it does occur which can sometimes be good or bad depending on its severity.

Whenever you have a fight with your partner, do you let it extend for long periods of time or do you resolve it instantly?

Well, find out ways you can easily resolve fights when they occur.

Let off steam:

6 Ways to Resolve Having a Fight with your Partner

There is something about being angry and that is the fact that at that heated point, you are bound to say anything that comes to mind which can make everything worse.

This is why to me the first step is in allowing your temper cool down so you don’t regret anything you say.

You will notice that it is only when you are less angry you can think properly as you cannot be in your full thinking faculty when you are very angry.

Rub minds:

6 Ways to Resolve Having a Fight with your Partner

It can sometimes be difficult to bring yourself to talk about what happened with your partner either because you are angry or he or she is angry with you.

Whichever the case, I think it’s best you both talk about it and even if you can’t resolve it then at least make an effort.

Talking about it is the next step because you can both review what happened and make amends. At this point what you need to do is to drop any atom of pride within you in order to save your relationship.

This is because simple arguments can lead to the downfall of a relationship and if you are not careful, it just might.

Be apologetic:

6 Ways to Resolve Having a Fight with your Partner

Some people find it hard saying they are sorry. When next you have a fight with your partner and you are at fault, just apologise.

Apologising goes a long way in melting ones heart and it really doesn’t take anything from you to admit you were wrong.

I know someone who does not regard “sorry’’ as anything because he feels that the deed has already been done. So if you have a partner like this, even though he does not regard it to mean anything still keep saying it and it would gradually sink in.

Don’t lie:

Many people try to cover up what they did that made their partner angry with them by trying to twist the reason they did something.

Lying only makes things worse as your partner may eventually find out the whole truth so why lie?

Being honest might be painful to do but it is necessary to regain the trust of your partner and I believe he or she will respect you for doing that.

Don’t delay resolving the fight:

If you have a fight with your partner, why wait till the next day to make amends? Do you want to admit that you can hold a grudge with him or her till the following day?

Does your mind not bother you knowing that things are not okay with two of you?

For me, I would rather resolve issues as they arise than wait till later.

Although there might be cases where you may need to give your partner some space to rethink but in most cases, resolve it soon.

Clear all doubts:

Whenever you have a fight with your partner, it’s advisable to make sure your partner doesn’t have any doubt about you. Also ensure you clear all doubts concerning what led to the fight in the first place.

This is because if you are at fault, he or she may find it hard trusting you.

These are some of the ways you can resolve a fight with your partner. I do hope resolving fights with your partner will now be a lot easier.

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