Signs of Overprotective and Domineering Boyfriend

Signs of Overprotective and Domineering Boyfriend

Relationship of all kind can always take different shape depending on who is the driving force behind it. Nearly all guys have this ability to be protective over their girlfriend and ensure that her safety is of utmost concern to him. Being protective is one of the good attributes a good boyfriend should possess but over doing it and turn it to overprotective is something else that does not make boyfriend – girlfriend relationship see the light of the day.

Signs of Overprotective and Domineering Boyfriend Your guy maybe deeply in love with and wanting to ensure that all is well with you and can go all way to please you but there are some not too good behaviour that develops along this line of being too good of a boyfriend. He tend to see to all area of your life forgetting that, before he met you, you already have your life.

For the fact that he is in love with your does not mean he can pull your string at any time he likes and wanting to always do things according to how he plan it to be. You need to watch out for these few pointers here of some of these signs of overprotective and domineering boyfriend attitudes.

Signs of overprotective and domineering boyfriend you should know

He’s being snoopy on your conversation

When your boyfriend started demanding who is it you’re talking with, why you take so long talking to that guy on phone, trying to scan through your phone to check call logs and messages. He want to know what you’re discussing with your friends even though you’ve known these friends before meeting him does not matter to him. They are all signs of overprotective and domineering attitudes of guys.

He wants to be all in all for you

When your boyfriend wants to be everywhere you are, want to do everything for you even though he’s aware that you can do it better. He wants you to always bring issues to him to solve and does not want you take up any challenges head square on your own. He just behaves as if he has the authority to oversee everything you do. Beware! It’s all signs of overprotective and domineering attitudes you shouldn’t allow to take place in your relationship.

When every guys like you

Your boyfriend is not always happy when he sees other guys laughing with you; he does not want you to laugh at any guys joke. Every time he sees you talking with male for long time, he believes he’s flirting with you and you might cheat him and that makes him feel irritated. Whenever any guy is being nice to you, he believes you’re attracted to him and he might lure you away from him and so he tries to prevent you from getting closer to guys like that even your close friends you know before meeting him.

When your boyfriend believes he’s always right

Whatever you do on your own without consulting him, is not always good enough for him. When you raises objection over his view, he easily get sand and angry with you. He just wants to be always right which is not possible. He want you to please him always else you’re seeing someone else outside of the relationship. Instead of him to accept different in opinion, he would rather want you to accept his own opinion regardless of how good yours seems to be.

Ladies watch out with all these signs of overprotective and domineering behaviour from your boyfriend and let him be aware of it so that you can have a smooth running relationship. If he’s not changing, don’t leave your life in the hand of someone who cannot handle your relationship well. Look somewhere else for a good relationship where your opinion will be counted. Remember that a broken relationship is much better than a broken marriage. [Read; Top 3 need of a man and woman for a successful relationship life]

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