9 Things Men Do ladies Should Be Wary Of

If I had a sister that needed advice about the kind of man to date, the best advice I could possibly give her is to tell her about the things men do that should disqualify them from dating any girl.

things men do

There are times I believe we men are better equipped to give ladies daring tips. After all, as men, we should know better than anybody else what makes us tick.

And of course, we ought to know better than anybody when a man is just selling fibs to a lady just to have his way with her.

However, the idea that men would do a better job of advising a girl about dating other men is up for some serious debate.

No matter what side of the fence you are on about the issue, there are some things men do that are clearly despicable. These habits should shut them out from dating any girl.

Ladies, this is especially for you. Today, you are all my sisters. So I am telling you these things like a caring brother who knows all the rubbish men can get up to.

Talks incessantly about your body

things men do

I am guilty of these sometimes. Thankfully, I am not the extreme case. I am talking about men who constantly have remarks about your body size.

It is either they make disparaging comment about the fact you are too thin and should be eating enough food or go on and on about how fat you look.

These are insensitive remarks. They don’t know anything about your personal problems. Stay away from these sort of jerks.

They only undermine your self-esteem.

Pressures you too much to do things you don’t like

things men do

Some men come on forcefully with the high-pressure talk about why you should do certain things with them. Others take the so-called diplomatic approach.

No matter the technique, this is one of the things men do which should make them eligible to a life-long sentence of loneliness if they don’t change.

If you don’t feel like doing something, a man should respect that and leave you alone.

Is desperate for nude photos of you

things men do

Surprisingly, for some reasons, some girls actually give in to this. It is not a good idea. There are so many things a man could do with your nude photos; and 99% of them are not good.

It’s weird that a man should beg you for this. No matter his reasons, don’t give it to him. Instead, seriously consider not seeing him again.

Every woman is a potential date to him

things men do

Many ladies have this wrong notion they can change a man who sleeps around. It is false.

If you are dating a man notorious for sleeping around, the only reason you haven’t caught him cheating on you is because he is doing a good job of hiding it from you.

Cheating is one of the things men do girls should not accommodate.

If a man is known for doing it, stay away from him. That he is going to cheat on you is as sure as the sun rises in the east.

Disrespects and abuses you

things men do

Unless you are the crazy sort with a psychological problem, you don’t need too much convincing to know men like that are bad for you.

I find it surprising some girls actually date men who are known to abuse ladies. These cowards pick on vulnerable girls to bully. Like all bullies, the best thing is to tell them exactly what they are and move on.

It is even better if you don’t date a man with this trait. If you sense a dude is like that, stay away from him to save yourself a lot of grief in the future

His mobile phone is an extension of him

things men do

Ladies, never ever date a guy whose smartphone never leaves his hands. His love affair with his smartphone would ensure you always come second.

You’d become an afterthought to be noticed only when he raises his head up to take a little breathe before he plunges back into whatever he was doing with the phone.

Don’t be deceived that he must be doing important things or having important conversations with really important people.

Men like that are not worth your time.

Lying all the time

things men do

Unfortunately, lying is among the things men do to get your attention. Sometimes it is inevitable.

But there are lies and there are lies. Some lies can be very hurtful. These are the lies you should never put up with.

A man who does that should have no place in your life. Ideally, you should never date a liar.

Pushes you around

things men do

These are the bossy men who believe the world revolves around them. The world doesn’t.

A lady worth her salt should never date a man who takes pleasure in ordering her around.

Men like this would put you in some very uncomfortable situations. The sort of situation you’d wish the ground would just open and swallow you up.

Left to men like this, they would even determine what time you go to bed, when to wake, and what to eat or wear. In you, that is if you allow them, they have found a beautiful slave.

If you know what is good for you, send them packing or walk away from them.

Ignores you

things men do

Some men would be all over you one minute, and the next, you never hear from them for a long time. It is even bad if you’d started developing feelings for them.

This is known as ghosting on you. It is one of the things men do that reasonably women should never tolerate.

You noticed a potential date has that kind of character? Just do the right thing. Never give him any chance to repeat that nonsense with you.

Kick him out of your personal space immediately.

Ladies, those are some of the things men do that should be your guide on who not to date. I fancy there are other things men do I missed or don’t know about.

If you know them, kindly tell us in the comment section below.

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