Flirting With Body Posture; Body Language 101

Flirting With Body Posture; Body Language 101

In my series of body language 101 post, the introductory part gives general overview of what body language is all about and then, come the flirting with eye contact which provide comprehensive details about how to use your eyes contact to flirty with anybody with anybody you so much desire.

In this post, I will be discussing about flirting with body posture, how to present your body in certain way that can call the attention of the opposite sex, attract whoever you want to attract and continue on that line to successful dating which can lead you to a very good relationship and eventually getting married to the one you love most.

Flirting With Body PostureWhat is flirting with body posture?

Flirting with body posture also goes a long way in making someone attracted to you, in fact, your body posture tell a lot about how you’re really feel within your skin.

Everyone looks for cues in opposite sex that suggest they are interested in you and many of these cues can be found in your body posture. Nobody wants to waste his or her time with people who are not confident about themselves, frustrated and depressed.

Body posture work mostly in conjunction with many other parts of the body, which when combine well, can lead you to easily get someone to date in no time.

Using your body posture to flirt

Remember that your body comprises of many parts, and their combination will be helpful here to successfully flirt with your body posture. If you really want to flirt with your body posture here are titbits of what you should be aware of when you get it started?

  • Ensure your feet are stand apart; standing with your feet apart shows confidence and everyone loves to be with people who are confident.
  • Ensure you don’t cross your leg and arm when standing or sitting; crossing any of them shows, you’re not open and such you may be difficult to interact with.
  • Show confidence by not keeping your hand in your pocket when talking to the opposite sex; bring it out and if you’re not comfortable with your hand out, hook your thumb in your belt hoop.
  • Don’t be intimidated to take much space in a crowding area: it is only people that inferiority complex is worrying that allow other people to push them around. Take a broad stand and maintain your status in the group of people.
  •  If you’re sitting down ensure you feel relax by putting your arm around the back of the chair, and expose your crotch (which mean spreading your leg), it really shows you’re comfortable and at home with yourself.
  • Ensure you stand in an erect posture and don’t slouch; standing in an erect posture show interest in the other person while slouching show low self-esteem about your body. For example; sitting up straight may show if a person is focused and seriously paying attention to what the other person is saying but sitting with your body hunching forward is a sign of being bored or indifferent.

Surely, body posture can pass lots of information about how we feel and as well as some hints about the kind of personality character we possess, such as being confident, submissive or open.

The next will be on using the arm and the leg to flirt successfully. Meanwhile, if you have not read how to use the eye contact to flirt successfully with anyone you desire, just go here to read that interesting post up. Click here to read eye contact flirting.

I will appreciate your comment or addition way you see working for you, when flirting with anyone. Please make use of the comment box below and don’t forget to share this post if you enjoy it by using any of the social media icons below.

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