First Date Conversation Topics to Talk About

First Date Conversation Topics to Talk About

This is the stage that if you don’t get it right once, the probability of losing her is almost certain.  You’ve been able to break the silence and talk to the girl you’ve been eying for long time but the environment at that instance is not conducive to talk at length, so you decided to look for a place to really sit her down and both of you could talk at length for the very first time.

First Date Conversation Topics to Talk AboutFirst date conversation topics to talk about can be somewhat challenging if you’ve not done it before now, everything will look new and it takes guts to be able to make it to the expected end. It can be nervous and if care is not taking you may not be able to put in your very best in the first date conversation.

There are questions you’ll need to bring on and there are some you need not go there at all. In all, the way you present your question tactically is the way that will determine if you’re going to sweep her feet off with your talk. Here in this post, I will be giving you some of the questions you need to ask and some you need no mention especially for the first date conversation.

Your first date conversation topic you should not talk about

1. You should not make any attempt to ask of her age, if you do, you’ve already ruin your date.

2. When you’re with your girl for the first date, don’t try to stare around, it will look as if you’re eyeing some other girls around or you’re not comfortable with her.

3. Don’t try it to ask about her past relationship or her ex, it a no go area.

4. Don’t talk about your achievement or your possession. Let her find out for herself and she will be glad knowing well that you don’t brag about what you have.

5. Don’t fail to lock your eyes with her eyes when you’re conversing and when she is talking as well

6. Don’t suggest what to eat for her if you’re in a restaurant or eatery; let her choose what she wants.

The thing you should talk about on your first date

1. The very first things girls notice is how you deal or react with people you meet at the restaurant, eateries, or resort you took her to. Especially the gate keeper, security guide, waiters and some other people working around the place that you’re going to meet them first to know how things are organize in the place. So, be kind to everyone you meet because she’s watching you.

2. Ask about her family, friends, interest and hobbies. You need to be careful and observant here, any of the topics she’s not willing to talk about, don’t bother her with it, just move on to the next question on your mind.

3. When you’re asking about her family, some girls don’t really have a nice family set up and she will not want to talk about it but be sure, she will be interested in talking about her brothers and sisters.

4. You can talk about traveling, where she has been and where she loves to be.

5.  Ask about their job, if she’s not comfortable telling you anything about that, move on to the next questions you have for her. [Must Read; 10 First Date Ideas]

6. Be playful and funny, remember this is not an interview section where everything will be taken seriously. You can ask about her favorite colour, favorite ice-cream, her pet and the rest of them.

7. In all your conversation with her, be real, don’t try to fake anything, be yourself and relax. You don’t need to worry about what she thinks about you. [Also Read; 3 Beautiful Date Night Look]

8. Have a good sense of humor, laugh at her jokes, make enough eye contact and smile always.

9. Talk about where she does her hair that look nice on her, or where she buys her dress that make her look stunning.

10. Don’t play with your cell phone or looking at your wrist watch every now and then. [Must Read; How Cell Phone Can Spoil Your Date]

11. Tell her that she looks great and listen to her carefully.

12. Don’t forget to tell her how beautiful she is.

I’m very sure with these first date conversation topics to talk about listed above, you’re sure of wowing her and making her to look forward to the second date.

Do you think there is any topic that needs to be listed for the first date conversation that isn’t listed above? Feel free to leave comment in the comment box below and let me too learn some other interesting first date conversation topics to talk about. Don’t forget to like my Facebook Fan Page and also help to share this post using any of the social media icons below.

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  1. pls help. I attract beautifu ladies and i can approach any girl anywhere bt i have the problem of them becoming my friends instead of being my lover. Pls help

    1. Check yourself, I think the problem is within you. If you can approach any girls and don’t have any issue with that, then turning them into your friend shouldn’t be difficult for you.

      You need to learn how to be friendly to woman. Maybe you’re pushing it too forward, just take your time with them to understand what they like and you can use that to enter into them. You can even stylishly mimic them, crack jokes, get some gist and make them get familiarize with you.

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