How To Use Arms and Legs to Flirting; Body Language 101

How To Use Arms and Legs to Flirting; Body Language 101

In continuation of the body language 101 series, it is about time to talk about how to use your arms and legs to flirt with whoever you desire. In the past, I have broken down how to flirt using your eye contact with anyone you desire and also flirting with your body posture. This is the third in the series apart from the body language 101 introductory parts which also is interesting to read.

How To Use Arms and Legs to Flirting; Body Language 101The use of arm and leg in flirting also play significant role in trying to get someone to date and the proper use of them will enhance your chances of getting whoever you want to get into your side for dating, arm and leg flirting will also help you to read some other person you’re with if he/she is interested in you and ready to take that conversation to the next level.

How then do you use arm and leg to flirt?

There are several ways to use arm and leg to flirt however you should watch out for some signs that are not indicating the person interest in you and if you misunderstood it for interesting in you; you will only end up being rejected, though rejection is not bad anyway.

So, to use arm and leg to flirt, here are what to do;

You must ensure your arm and legs are not close because they show that you’re not open and will be difficult to flirt with or simply, you aren’t interested.

To flirt with guys, if you have not been able to establish some form of touching, like touching the back of his arm, you have not really started flirting with them. I will advise you to go here to read a comprehensive way to make use of touching gesture to really flirt with women in a way unimaginable that really work like magic. [Read it here; Proven ways of touching to flirt with women & men successfully]

If a man is flirting with you, he will spread his leg to expose his crotch and might as well use his hand to stroke his beard or chin.

Women that want to flirt with you will often cross and uncross her leg, if you’re flirting with any women and she crosses her leg, raising one leg over the other and the raise leg’s toe is pointing towards you, it is a big sign that she’s really interesting in you.

Beware when a woman cross her arm when you’re trying to flirt with her, it shows that, she’s not interest or bored with what you’re trying to say. The best you could do is to bring her interest back by really talking about her life so that she can open up as both of you take the conversation up again by talking further on things she’s interested in.

When a woman is interested in you, you will see her fiddle with her jewellery, caressing her erogenous zones, she will play with earrings, smoothing her hair, and smoothing her cloth with her hand.

Flirting with arm and leg in combination with other body parts used in understanding body language is a great ways to easily gauge someone attention if he/she is interested or not interested without even saying any word and move on if need be.

The next is how to use your smile to flirt successfully and win over his or her attention. Remember to give us a Facebook like on our facebook fan page or using any of the icons below to share this post.

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