How To Read Women Body Language

How To Read Women Body Language

The knowledge of body language is very important for any guy or lady to determine if the opposite sex is into him or her and how to know if she is open for an approach or just some brief introduction. This skill is very much learned on an intuitive level, but it is possible too to learn ordinarily but it wouldn’t be effective as that of the intuitive level.

how to read Women body LanguageYou really wanna know how to read women body language? Ok!

Here is how to start, look beyond her smile or words into the whole of her body language to see if she’s really into you or not. The funny thing is it’s not hard to read her mind, just pay attention to her mannerisms!

When you first spot a girl who catches your eye, look for signals that she wants you to approach her. It can be something as small as a smile, or as large as a hand wave to come over, but you must learn how to recognize her “green lights.”

So, here are a few of the more basic signs of how to read women body language

  • Her lips are wet and slightly open.
  • Her pupils are dilated (a GREAT indicator, as she has virtually no control over it.)
  • She exposes her wrists toward you.
  • She exposes the palms of her hands.
  • She gives you a sideways glance.
  • She has flushed or rosy cheeks.
  • She increases the frequency of eye contact.
  • She maintains eye contact.
  • She opens her legs slightly (this demonstrates an unfulfilled sexual need.)
  • She places her hands near her crotch or breasts.
  • She points her body towards you.
  • She points her feet towards you.
  • She puts one or more hands on the hips.
  • She scans your body.
  • She smoothes or touches her hair.
  • She smoothes out her clothing.
  • She sways her hips while walking past you.
  • She tosses her head and hair back.

So let’s say you spot a girl who seems to be displaying one or more of these qualities towards you. What’s your next step? If you said approach her, you’re right! Once the two of you are talking, your new task is to hear what she’s really saying.

It has been said that “actions speak louder than words.” It’s also been said that “talk is cheap.” With this in mind, switch things up by paying more attention to how a woman acts, as opposed to the words coming out of her mouth. You can sense when there’s genuine emotion behind what a person is saying.

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6 thoughts on “How To Read Women Body Language”

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    Thank you for the work you have put into your nice blog. We will bookmark to your blog because it is very informational. We love the site and will come back to see your new posts.

  2. grey diamond

    I know this girl Wenever she is around she do look at me especially from side view,I do see her green light. and I’ av told her that I admire her but she seems not to be intrested,but she is waiting for my move but I don’t know how to win her. she is really flashing de green light but I don’t know how to go abt it. I really like her anď need her too. so wat do I do?

    1. Hi Diamond,
      You don’t need to assume she’s not interested, it show that you’ve not tried enough to convince her that you really want to be with her. Just continue to drum it in her hear how much admiration you have for her, women generally love to hear you talk about what you feel about them especially positive things about them.
      So, don’t give up.

  3. Hi…Am Olayinka By Name…Actually I Do Saw Dis Girl Passin By My Area..Every Mornin She Is So Cute…Nd Whenever She Is Passin By My Area She Do Stare At Me..Nd I Really Likes Her Too..But I Dont Really Know How To Approach Her…Cuz Am Feelin Shy…Pls Wat Should I Do?

    1. Your best bet is to face your fear, I know it is not easy but the truth is that one day you will need to approach any woman you desire directly, and if so, why waiting for so long before you start doing it. Confront your fear, that is the only antidote you need.
      Tell you her you want to see, she might ask you, hope there’s no problem, tell no problem, is just that you want to see her find out something or see her for something she’s in the best position to give a clue to the thing you want to find out.
      And when she gives you the attention, tell her how you feel about her and what your intention is all about but don’t start telling her you love her. You don’t know her yet and so you cannot love a woman you’ve never met one on one to discuss about love.
      Hope this is helpful to you Olayinka.

      1. Hmmm das great of you i love it . I did talk to a girl 4 th 1st time but it seem she was nt intrested to me cuz she kept pounchx her phone while i was talking to her . Is dat Fair Anthony ?

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