11 Tough Guy Tips Of Dealing With A Breakup: Be In Charge Of Your Destiny

The phrase, ‘Different strokes for different folks.’ can be applied to any situation in life. It is just a way to underline people’s different personalities and their reactions to setbacks. In relationships, there are thousands of shades of dealing with a breakup.


dealing with a breakup

It all depends on who is at the receiving end of being dumped. Some simply curl up into a ball and wished the ground would open up a swallow them. Others become aggressive and want to take it out the partner who had the audacity to show them the red card.

For some, dealing with a breakup is just like any routine task. It happens; they accept it instantly and move on. Looking at them, you’d be tempted to wonder if they even knew they were even in an affair. In this category are the playboys whose life ambition is to date as many ladies as possible.

However, we are talking about how normal folks navigate the treacherous few hours and days after a breakup. Normal folks here refer to everybody who was really invested in the relationship.

For dudes, those first few hours and days could be tricky. Your feelings can veer in any direction. The feelings at this point are like a hurricane: unpredictable and determined to cause as much damage as possible.

These tips on dealing with a breakup put you on top of the situation immediately. You avoid all the stages of grief and simply lock them in a place so dark no light can perpetrate.

Dealing with a breakup like THE MAN

1. Accept the situation

dealing with a breakup

It is likely you have spent quite some hours trying to reason with her. But it was all in vain. She refused to budge.

Okay, now it is the time to accept the breakup as a fact of life. You need to do that immediately so you can start dealing with the breakup like the man in charge.

2. Delete her from your phone

Start with her number from your call history. Delete it. Then move to your contact and delete all her numbers. Though it is likely the numbers are already burned into your heart with the fires of love, doing this would stop you from being tempted to call her you open your dialer.

Deleting her from your phone includes removing her pictures and text messages. You can look at them one last time. But just hit delete immediately. Don’t linger too much thinking about the texts or beautiful photographs and the memories behind them.

3. Take her out of your online presence

Move over to all your social accounts. Anywhere you too are linked, simply remove her from your contact. If it is possible, block her completely so that no mention of her appears on your timeline again.

4. Tell close friends immediately

dealing with a breakup

The thing about friends is this: they’d want to mediate and see if they can get you two back together. Some of them would even stake their reputation on making sure there is reconciliation.

Don’t fall for that. Make it abundantly clear you no want no such thing. You are simply telling them so there won’t be any references to her when you guys meet up again.

5. Inform mutual friends

Your pitch is same as in 4 above. Be firm and don’t listen to anybody trying to alter your destiny by going back to your vomit.

6. Jump into another relationship

dealing with a breakup

You know how you are advised to avoid rebound relationships like a plague? Well, chuck that advice where it belongs: in the trashcan.

There is nothing as effective as a new relationship to make you forget an old one fast. If you have a close female friend, get close to her and see how it pans out.

You never know, you might even discover diamond from such inauspicious situation.

7. Watch movies

Yeah, this is another way of dealing with a breakup. When you are home alone, look for something interesting to watch.

Download and watch as many blockbuster movies as possible. Make sure to avoid romantic comedies and such.

8. Read books

If movies are not your thing, read interesting books if you love reading. Motivational books are the best in such situation. A book teaching you about the laws of power or how to defeat an enemy is your best bet.

9. Listen to your favorite songs

dealing with a breakup

Crank up your home theater and blast your favorite songs all day when you get tired of watching movies or reading books.

The thing about music is that you can sing along, dance your heart out and get a bit of exercise to boot. That is the definition of having fun when you are surrounded by the wreckage of a broken relationship.

10. Visit friends

You know those good friends you’ve not seen in a long time? Connecting with them again is an awesome way of dealing with a breakup.

You would have millions of things to talk about. You can even tell them about the affair that just ended. It would be a way of coming to terms with the situation without feeling too remorseful.

11. Take it one day at a time

dealing with a breakup

The nights and early mornings would be the toughest to navigate. Simply take them one night and morning at a time.

As a matter of fact, ensure you treat each day like a new, exciting discovery. Repeat tips 1-10 every day in no particular order. You can spice the tips up for variety so they don’t get boring or stale.

Following these tips would ensure you never fall into an abyss of hopelessness and despair because an affair just ended. You are young; there are so many exciting things to do.

Move on. The world is waiting for you to discover its numerous delights.

Let’s hear your take on this issue. Tell us how you would deal with a breakup without getting overwhelmed by depression or sadness. And do remember to share this with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.


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