Have You Ever Been Heartbroken? 6 Truths About Experiencing Heartbreak

Have you ever been heartbroken before? How did you feel and how did you handle it? Do you know that there are some intricate truths about heartbreak that are common to all?

In this article, you will understand what they are and you will probably be able to identify with some of them.

Experiencing heartbreak can be sometimes devastating and demoralizing and if I were to conduct a survey and randomly ask people how they felt when they were heartbroken, I am so sure to get diverse responses.

The way people feel when they are heartbroken differs and the degree to which it affects them is always different from one another. In as much as it is a sad moment for whoever is involved, one underlying fact is that it brings about negative feelings for those affected.

The following are therefore basic truths about experiencing heartbreak which is common to all.

It is highly emotional:

6 Truths About Experiencing Heartbreak

Experiencing heartbreak can be very emotional as it can affect a person both inwardly and outwardly. If someone is sad within, it also reflects on the person’s outward look.

When some people get heartbroken, they cannot hide how they feel. This is why you see some people shed uncontrollable tears; some even throw themselves on the floor and some try to commit suicide.

The reason some people take extreme measures is because they cannot just control the height of emotion they feel when they are heartbroken. It not only distorts ones’ thinking but also ones’ emotions, feelings and actions.

It reduces ones’ self esteem:

6 Truths About Experiencing Heartbreak

Experiencing heartbreak makes one feel as if he or she is not worth it. It makes one look down on him or herself thereby making you think there is something wrong with you.

At this point, some people ask themselves rhetorical questions based on what happened because they cannot fathom why it occurred.

It makes you lose trust in people:

When you are heartbroken, you tend to think every other person is like the person who broke up with you. This invariably makes you not to trust anybody around you because you think you will be treated the same way.

This makes it difficult for you to go into another relationship because of the experience you had in your previous one and if you cannot open up your heart to trust someone else, you cannot really have a good relationship.

It makes you tough:

Experiencing heartbreak sometimes makes people very tough on the inside so they can withstand any other experience that may come their way.

Some people are able to learn from their experiences, move on and become resilient in life’s challenges. So this is what heartbreak does to them so rather than making them weak, it makes them strong.

They are able to build this strong wall around and within them so that it will not reoccur.

It is part of life:

Some people are lucky enough to go through life without experiencing heartbreak but for most people, it does happen. One truth about heartbreak is that it is a part of life as some people date and along the line find out they are not compatible and end up breaking up.

It is not a bad omen although it is painful to experience but it doesn’t mean, your life has to end just because your relationship ended.

In life, we all meet people, break relationships, build relationships and live well with one another. So, heartbreaks are bound to happen in ones’ lifetime.

It creates an opening for a new relationship:

If you are heartbroken, it means there is a vacuum in your life that can be filled by someone else and starting a new relationship depends on how fast you let go of your old relationship.

So being heartbroken gives you the opportunity to meet someone new.

These truths about experiencing heartbreak are true, real and can easily be identified with.

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