7 Very Common Relationship Myths That Just Won’t Go Away

Common relationship myths are the foundation of the classic love stories we heard as kids. To be sure, falling in love is a wonderful thing. There are few things more awe-inspiring than two people completely in love with each other.

common relationship myths

From the outside, couples in love look perfect for each other. The happiness they feel oozes out of every pore and is very infectious.

People, especially the very young, look at sights like this and pray fervently to also fall in love. They want to feel the same way. Apparently, it is bliss all the way.

However, what people imagine is actually different from the real thing. If you have been in and out of a relationship before, you would recognize most of these common relationship myths.

For those looking forward to a rosy future with a future lover, brace yourself. These myths are about bursting the bubble and getting your feet fully planted on the ground.

Some Common Relationship Myths

1. The romance would last forever as long as there is true love.

common relationship myths

When love is new, everything seems cozy and rose-tinted. The new lovers are just busting at the seams with the excitement of discovering each other.

The romance would look and feel timeless. As far as the lovers are concerned, it would never fade.

But the reality is, with time people get used to anything, including romance. The excitement would fade and the couple would want to spend less time with each other.

Human nature is simply wired to lose interest after a while.

2. How you feel should be obvious if your partner truly loves you

common relationship myths

This is one of the biggest problems facing couples in affairs. They expect one partner to have the perfect radar for their feelings.

So it is very common to be upset about something and they expect the partner to know the cause without telling them. The feeling is, ‘After all, we are soul mates, so I don’t have to say everything out loud.’

That is patently false. People are not mind readers no matter how close they are.

3. Love is enough

common relationship myths

You only have to be in a relationship to know love is never enough. Clearly, breakups are signs that love is just a small part of building an awesome relationship.

For any relationship to work, both parties must be committed to putting in a lot of work. Sacrifices have to be made. The couples have to compromise on a lot of issues.

As a matter of fact, once cherished principles don’t survive relationships.

4. You would get a partner with your ideal traits

common relationship myths

The truth is, you would never get a partner that would tick all the boxes of your ideal lover.

Consider yourself extremely lucky if your partner ticks just 50% of the qualities you desire. This is a classic case of making lemonade when life gave you lemons.

In relationships, the habit that looked cute in the beginning can drive you crazy after a while. For instance, your partner’s ability to make you laugh easily can become irritating down the line.

5. You want to be with them all the time.

common relationship myths

Again, in the beginning, you both can’t get enough of each other. Even going out on social visits are things you don’t want to do because it would mean not spending time together alone.

But when reality sets in and life takes over, one partner (mostly the one with a busy schedule) wouldn’t see the sense in spending so much time together.

Bills have to be paid. Lives have to be lived. Not being together all the time would certainly become the new normal. Understanding that would save one from a lot of problems.

6. Jealousy is a sign of love

common relationship myths

This is not easy to explain in black and white. Feeling jealous in certain situations is part of the package when you are in love.

However, jealousy is an unhealthy emotion. Overt and constant jealousy is one of the signs of a controlling partner and has little to do with love.

Some relationships crash because one partner refused to accept that not showing jealousy doesn’t mean a lack of love. It could mean trust is not an issue with the non-jealous partner.

7. Change would lead to happiness

The relationship between change and happiness is one of the most common relationship myths. If you are not happy with yourself, another person is unlikely to make you happy.

For instance, it is wrong to think an unwanted habit in your partner is the cause of your unhappiness. Most often than not, even if they change, you would find a new reason to be unhappy.

These are not all the common relationship myths. Obviously, your experiences would determine the sort of myths you would discover about relationships.

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