7 Sweet Reasons A Rebound Relationship Could Be A Wonderful Idea

When it comes to rebound relationships, the general consensus is that they must be avoided at all costs. But a peek at the other side show rebounds are not all doom and gloom. As a matter of fact, a rebound relationship could be a wonderful idea.

rebound relationship could be a wonderful idea

The operative words here are ‘could be‘. Bear that in mind. Because more often than not, the cons outweigh the pros by a wide margin.

I believe one has to be very savvy to successfully pull it off. And you must not lose your head because you might just get lost and ultimately get hurt so soon after the last affair. That is to be avoided at all cost.

Which is why the best advice is never even bothering with it. However, if you are intelligent and don’t get carried away easily, go ahead and do it.

In case you are still skeptical, read on to see why a rebound relationship could be a wonderful idea for people just coming out of a trauma-filled affair.

Reasons a rebound relationship could be a wonderful idea

1. A rebound relationship is a perfect distraction

rebound relationship could be a wonderful idea

The aftermath of a breakup can be very depressing. Your head is full of thoughts about your ex.

Analyzing everything that went wrong and what you could have done differently in details would deprive you of sleep most nights. What could be more depressing and exhausting than that?

A rebound relationship could be a wonderful idea as far as the perfect distraction is what you are looking for. The drama of meeting somebody new and all that would keep your mind away from depressing thoughts of your ex.

This new relationship could be the thing to keep your mental health in the right balance.

2. It would boost your self-esteem

rebound relationship could be a wonderful idea

Anybody who has gone through a break up would know how it leaves one with a spoonful of self-doubt. Your confidence is shattered. You begin to wonder if something is drastically wrong with you.

In extreme cases, people in this situation find it difficult to go out of their apartments. They become reclusive out of grief.

Jumping into a new relationship immediately could just be the thing to bring restore your confidence. A new partner would certainly lift you up and make you feel good about yourself again.

3. The uncertainty can be exciting

rebound relationship could be a wonderful idea

If you are getting into a rebound relationship with a clear idea of what you want, there is still a part of you that knows the unexpected might happen.

For instance, what if you discover true love in what you thought was just a phase? That is entirely possible.

Even if you don’t find true love, at least you would get a bit of experience and possibly too, a bit of clarity of what you really want in the opposite sex.

4. Rebound relationship can help you reset your life

rebound relationship could be a wonderful idea

This is one of the best reasons a rebound relationship is a wonderful idea. You can use that period to reset your life and get your priorities reordered.

At the least, it is an opportunity to know the type of person you really want in your life next.

5. It helps you understand the value of having flings

rebound relationship could be a wonderful idea

Most of us don’t see any value in short term relationships or flings. There are dozens of books and tons of advice on why flings are bad for you or anybody.

But like anything in life, there are also benefits to some things said to be unhealthy. A rebound relationship is one of those times you’d come to appreciate flings.

Since it is just a fling, your mind won’t be clouded with thoughts of the future and all that. You are focused on getting the best out of the short-term rebound relationship.

This is good for you as it would be your best emotional prop in what is likely a traumatic time in your life.

6. You don’t have to put too much effort

rebound relationship could be a wonderful idea

This is another very awesome reason a rebound relationship is a wonderful idea.

All relationship experts know building a relationship entails a lot of hard work. You go to extra length to make sure the affair is a happy one. It can be tedious and you can lose your essential self in trying to make compromises for the sake of the affair.

In rebound relationships though, you don’t have to put in any of that hard work. After all, you know you are not in it for the long haul.

So you can afford to be selfish and simply enjoy every single moment without a thought about giving back. And the truth is, you can get away with it in a rebound relationship.

7. It helps keep your ex away from you

rebound relationship could be a wonderful idea

Some ex never get it into their heads that a relationship is irrevocably over. That can be annoying and irritating.

Therefore the best way to keep a pestering ex away from you is to jump into a new relationship fast. That would certainly give your pestering ex something to think about.

The obvious message the rebound relationship conveys to your ex is that you’ve moved on. And they’d better do the same.

While keeping your ex away from you, the rebound relationship would also aid you in getting over your ex faster than if you were alone.

So there you have it, seven absolutely awesome reasons a rebound relationship could be a wonderful idea to get you through a patchy period in your life.

Hopefully, everything works out the way you planned if you decide to do it.

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