How To Get Over Unexpected Breakup

The love that started like a fire burning on coal with so much energy that looks like an unquenchable flow of God’s love to humanity. Got to a point and everything just went silent like water in a mud pot. How can you cope with such an unexpected and abrupt end of flowing relationship love?

Unexpected breakup turns many young people into what they can never imagine themselves turning into. It makes some people’s hearts so hardened that, it takes much longer time before they eventually believe there is existence of love in the world again.

How To Get Over Unexpected BreakupIt is not their fault really; it is just that the experience they had is too much for them to bear.

I have been there and it is possible you too are there right now and looking for the best ways possible to deal with the ugly situation that no one ever wanted to experience that emotional pain associated with a breakup, especially if you don’t see anything wrong with yourself and it comes to you unexpectedly.

These 5 steps below will help you to get over an unexpected breakup

1. Don’t deny the awful feelings

You will be making a great mistake if you pretend as if you don’t feel anything about the breakup. Some people deny the existence of that awful feeling and it keeps coming back to hurt them again and again.

Allow yourself to really feel it deeply, it if require you to shed tears, don’t hold it back, let the tears flow down with the  emotional trauma out of your body, mind and soul. You’d be better off once everything is over, because it will harden your heart against the awful experience and make you stronger, but don’t indulge so much in it so that, it will not cause you depression that will lead to other ailments.

2. Make up your mind to let go completely

After the awful feelings, it is time to let everything about the breakup goes. Don’t give it any more chances to creep into your heart, it is over and it is over completely. Feel better about yourself and take is as one of those disappointments of life that are unavoidable.

Brave up and look forward to another better experience with someone so special. Special people are everywhere and when you find one, you’ll be glad you had that awful emotional experience that prepare you for a more promising and better future with a special partner born in heaven but lives here on earth.

3. If you’re a man, update yourself on the latest dating scene

The tactics, ideas or pick-up lines you’re used to in the past may have gone obsolete, it is important you update yourself on the latest approach to woo a woman, especially the one that your mind, heart, and head never in disagreement as the potential special someone in your life.

Don’t just go with the one only your head is in approval without the support of your heart.

4. For a lady, repackage or re-brand yourself to look more sexy and attractive

Many times, when women are in a relationship with a guy, they let go of some of their beauty enhancers and behave in such a way that sends strong messages to other guys out there that, they are not available even for million of dollars, they’ve been taken by lucky guys.

But now, you’ll need to begin sending another message to a potential suitor, that you’re available now but for only the guy who merited your sophistication. Be classy and patiently wait for the special one (not Jose Mourinho) and when he comes, heaven is surely for real.

5. Start the new relationship with a new you

 Yes, old things have passed away and new things are finally on display. Whatever thing you may have been doing in the past relationship is obsolete now, take up a new you and be ready for new relationship challenges.

The truth is that, it is not all going to be rosy all through, there will be up and down but your ability to weather the downward moment will make you a better partner.

Nobody is immune to relationship breakup, though some people may not experience it but majority must go through the emotional pain of relationship breakup. If it falls on your part, the few pointers above will guide you through the route to overcome unexpected relationship breakup.

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