What Girls Always Notice on First Date

What Girls Always Notice on First Date

For every single girls have different taste of what she likes and don’t like in relationship or dating but there are some exception to this, in the sense that there are some things that are also common to every single girls. These things that are common are what girls always notice on first date which is what I’m about letting you know in the article. Though there are still some other things in what girls always notice on first date but those ones are not too common among them. [You can read 10 first date ideas here if you want more idea on you dating]

what girls always notice on first date

 Do you want to impress a girl on the very first date? If you really know what girls always notice on first date, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to impress that pretty gal within the first few minutes you’ve spent together on the first date. You should know at this stage that first impression always last longer and that is the exact principle that girls apply on your first date with them. Guys unlike ladies don’t read much to all these that girls read much meaning to.

Let go now to what girls always notice on first date

1. Your Dress Sense

The way you dress is the way you address comes into play in what girls always notice on a first date. This you’re almost sure is the very first things she uses to judge you before coming nearer. Brands are one thing, but women definitely notice the way you dress. A Gucci shirt looks good, but untucked and crumpled on a formal date? Don’t think so. Dress for the occasion. Be pleasing to her eyes, and don’t ever go overboard. A clean shirt or a suit is the best thing to wear when you’re out at a great date restaurant in the middle of paradise. And yeah, do take her to a great place.

2. Your Communication Skills

Everybody can communicate but not everyone can actually pass a message across in their conversation. Girls always notice how you’re able to communicate with them and how effective or smooth talker is you. Is the way you talk make them happy or just the way that every other guys that has come their way talk? Do you stutter and splutter and run out of things to say, half way through dinner and resort to “so you say something… no, no, you say…” to cover the fact that you have nothing to talk about? That’s not good. Every lady wants to be with guy that knows how to talk and communicate well without being tossed here and there base on the surrounding environment.

3. Your Cleanliness

You will agree with me that the saying “cleanliness is next to Godliness” it’s a common saying among the faithful. This also apply to girls on first dating, they are so much interested in how clean are you? Ladies generally love guys that are well groomed [Read grooming tips for men]. You definitely need to be clean before you can impress the girl on her very first date. Clean hands and nails, crisp clothes, and a fresh face, and no bad breath or body odour. No girl would ever like that! Maybe a few kinky ones, but definitely not on a date.

4. Your Label?

Girls love labels and fancy brands. It’s a sign anyways, isn’t it? If you can pamper yourself, you definitely can pamper her. Go figure about big brands. Some labels may be expensive, but they don’t necessarily turn out to be the best. But the biggest names don’t come cheap. Find label attractive enough with names to get her impress because she will surely notice it, meeting girls on a first date with label many consider as a failure can jeopardized your runs.

5. Don’t do this “Gazing Other Ladies”

Everything may have been done well for the girls to get carried away but one wrong move may turn the whole things upside down. There’s nothing more insulting for a woman than to see her man staring at other women or turning his neck to gaze at other women now and then during first date and even every other date. When you’re out on a date, remember, you should be more committed to her and all eyes on her. You can gaze at all the beautiful women and stare at a girl’s breast or her never ending legs when you’re with the guys but it’s no no no for the girls. On a date, just focus on your date, if you do want to really impress her. Not only other girls can spoil your date but your cell phone too can does that if you don’t know how to manage it on your  first date. Want to know why? [Read how cell phone can spoil your date]

That’s it, what girls always notice on first date, it may not be all but that serve the basic of what going on through girls mind. If you observe some other things, please drop comment below about it and let share your view together.

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  1. Daniel Bryant

    For once I can say there is some good simple advice here. Five of proably the most important thigs you could do on a date. Not staring at other ladies is a must. You will be out the door, take it from me.

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