10 Blind Dating Tips For Successful Outing

10 Blind Dating Tips For Successful Outing

First of all, well, I’m not going to tell you to bend down low. What did you understand by blind date? I’m sure lots of people see blind dating as desperate attempt to date someone you’ve never met before, and probably having the possibilities of turning it into full blown relationship that can lead to marriage.

10 Blind Dating Tips For Successful OutingYou should however know today that, blind date is not something awkward as many thought it to be, it is not even for desperate people, neither is it for people who find it difficult to hook up with any guy or lady. Blind dating is just an adventurous experience that may or may not work in your favour. Even the dating that you consider as normal too has no guarantee that you’re going to be successful with the first people you will meet.

So, how do blind dates work?

Of course any blind date may have been set up by friends, or you may have met the person on social website like Facebook and the rest of them, or even television and radio programme that organizes blind date for single ladies and guys so that they can meet and interact. What is expected of you is your willingness to be involved. There is basic etiquette tip you should remember if you’re going to have a nice time with your blind date. You need to be genuinely warm the very first second in meeting him or her. [Read; The 7 Principles of Smart dating]

Keep these blind dating tips in mind so that you can have a smooth experience and a memorable one if you desire to take it further.

The 10 Blind Dating Tips for Successful Outing

  1. Don’t give away too much information about yourself yet, you need to be cautious since you don’t know this person before. Just finish your date and go your way, if thing jell and you see that you like the person after that time, you can now arrange another time to meet your date when you will feel comfortable to share more about yourself.
  2. Don’t set too much expectation for your date and also your expectation must not be too low. You need to be flexible with and go with an open mind. Take it as if you’re going to meet a new friend. If thing don’t work out, you will not be hurt because you do not set much expectation about it.
  3. You need to be opened to conversation so as to make it easy for your date to flow with you. Talk about yourself, your like and dislike and give your date something to talk about you since both of you have no idea about each other prior to the date. [Also Read; Dating Strategies that won’t hurt you]
  4. Don’t walk away on your date if something went wrong between both of you. If you don’t like anything about him or her, let your date be aware of it. Nobody will like to see someone you’re talking with just walk away from them; it is totally not acceptable no matter what.
  5. Don’t treat your date with disrespect even if you find him or her boring for your liking. Your date takes time to prepare for the date and you shouldn’t response with rude character just because it does not match the kind of person you want as a love. Just give the respect he or she deserve.
  6. If you will not be able to make it on time for the date, let your date be aware of it like an hour before that time. It is very bad to keep someone waiting when you know you won’t be there at the agreed time.
  7. Your dressing should be smart and casual. Don’t overdress and make your date look awkward or uncomfortable around you just because you overdressed or even underdressed. Let your date see that you’ve made the effort to look presentable and attractive.
  8. Be real and don’t fake your real person in other to impress your date. Don’t look at it because it is call blind date and lie about yourself. If thing want to work out between both of you, your lie will jeopardize that chance and you won’t like such to happen to you.
  9. Have a nice time with your date and ensure you put up charming appearance, smiling face and open mind. There is a possibility that you are going to meet surprise and that is why it is blind date, so whatever the surprise maybe whether pleasant or otherwise, just be nice.
  10. At the end of it all, ensure you speak your mind because, it is the most important blind date tip you need to keep in mind. Always speak your mind after the date has ended. Don’t leave your blind date hanging by a thread wondering what you felt about them.

If you like the date and would love to meet your date another time, ensure you express that idea. But if you think both of you are not for each other, then express that thought very clearly in a friendly manner. This is very important because it will help both of you have a better understanding of each other’s opinions about the date immediately and prevent any confusion in the future.

So, equip yourself with these 10 blind dating tips whenever you find yourself going out for a blind date. I will love to hear from you in the comment section below and don’t forget to hit my Facebook fan page like just below this article.

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