Would You Sponsor Your Girlfriend Through School?

The question of whether you should sponsor your girlfriend through school or not underlies the uncertainty of life. That is my honest opinion. Why do I say so?


sponsor your girlfriend through school

One lesson we all learn in life is how unpredictable the future is. Hell, sometimes we can’t even predict what is going to happen to us in the next one hour even if we intend to do nothing except sit at home and watch TV.

It is mainly because we want to control how things turn out in future that some men who take it on themselves to pay for a girl’s education.

The plan is simple, if you sponsor your girlfriend through school, you have controlled her future to a large extent. She has to marry you if that is what you want from her.

Or you can make her be your mistress for as long as you want. It is all about using your dominant financial position to control an individual’s life.

sponsor your girlfriend through school

I guess you see where I am going with this. I am going to say it is wrong sponsor you girlfriend through school right?

Well, from where I am sitting, there are good reasons for doing something like that. The best reason to do it should be because you want to help a vulnerable member of the society get an education.

In which case, one should never expect any sort of pay off from helping a young lovely girl through school. But can you sponsor you girlfriend through school and not expect anything in return in the future?

Unfortunately, men would always be men. When it comes to girls, we always expect something in return no matter what. Lets take a look at some of the issues involved if you decide to sponsor your girlfriend through school.

Good reasons you would sponsor your girlfriend through school

She or her family can’t afford it – when you decide to take responsibility of your girlfriend’s education because her family can’t afford it, you are doing a good thing by all accounts.

sponsor your girlfriend through school

No matter what your real intentions are, letting a poor girl get an education can never be quantified. That is something that would be part of her for the rest of her life.

Apart from that, I can’t think of any altruistic reason for doing that. So readers, I’d expect you guys to help me out on that. Especially those that have done it or are doing it: are there more good reasons you decided to sponsor your girlfriend through school?

Let’s hear your take in the comments section.

Issues involved if you sponsor your girlfriend through school.

1.Hopefully, the girl never leaves you – that is one of the major reasons men do that. Some men are so scared and unsecured that they throw all manner of things at the girl to make sure she never leaves.

sponsor your girlfriend through school

Sponsoring her education is one of the strongest strings to have on a girl or even any person. They’ll be eternally grateful to you. And you would have their loyalty for life.

2.Supporting her dreams – on the surface, sponsoring your girlfriend through school is a stamp of approval that you support whatever she wants to do.

For the records, there are several ways to support that dream. The best way is not to throw money at her and look the other way. You want to talk to her about school, ask her what or where she intends to work or her career choice.

sponsor your girlfriend through school

Paying for her education is just the first step. What happens after school could equally be as important. To really show you want her to live the dream, you must look beyond school. Help her crystallize her dreams outside the walls of the school.

If not, your decision to sponsor her education can only be for selfish reasons.

3.Complacency – many men fall into this trap easily. They have the notion that throwing money at the girl’s education should be enough for the relationship to thrive.

Complacency sets in; making you take for granted all other aspects of the relationship with the girl.

You begin to feel entitled to everything as far as your affair with her is concerned.

4.Loyalty and obligation – this is where everything gets tricky for the man. The questions you need to ask yourself are, “Does the girl truly love me? Is she pretending to love me because I am spending so much on her?”

sponsor your girlfriend through school

Truth is you’ll never get the answers to those questions until she is through with school and stops depending on you for money.

There are many painful and sad stories of girls ditching their male sponsors after school.

Fact is, as long as she is in school, she is forced to be loyal to you. If she really doesn’t like you as a man, everything she does for you is just an obligation to her.

In the final analysis, I think it is stupid for a struggling young man to sponsor a girl’s education. If it doesn’t end well, you’ll feel cheated and used. That is going to negatively affect your view on women in general I promise.

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