2 Relationship Tips To Make Her Want You More

2 Relationship Tips To Make Her Want You More

When it is about deepening your connection with the woman you most wanted in your relationship, your tactical approach to picking her up is not relevant anymore.

You know why?

All the strategies, tips and ideas in picking up a woman is totally different from how to get your relationship going in the right direction you most wanted.

Picking up woman is not where the real work is, it is keeping her happy and attracted to you always in the relationship is where bulk of the work are waiting for you.

2 Relationship Tips To Make Her Want You MoreI have just 2 tips for you today to make your woman want you more, and I can tell you, if you follow these 2 tips you’re about to read here now, you won’t experience untimely death in your relationship.

Let get to the 2 relationship tips to make her want you more right away.

1. Get a life of your own – here is what I mean

No woman will ever like to be with you at all-time irrespective of how good you are to her. Sitting around your woman every time doing things together is not it, I’m not saying doing things together is not good, but what I’m trying to say here is that, when you have something to do outside that doesn’t concern her, go and do it even without her knowledge sometimes.

Leaving her and go do what you love doing will give both of a breathing space, nice woman will never tell you to give her space to let her have some personal reflection. She won’t want to hurt you because telling you that she needs a space will sound insulting to you.

Don’t allow the statement “we get on so well that we spent all our time together” be part of any of you. Even if she may like to be with you at all time as you begin your relationship, there will be time when she’ll get disinterested in being around you all the time. If you don’t create that gap now, you’ll get her bored. What you use to say to make her laugh will become “this is not the first time you’re saying this, please tell me another story” hahahaha!

Don’t give up everything because you’re in connection with the woman you love, keep the person you were alive before you met her.

Time apart spent running after the things that make you happy ensures the spark doesn’t leave the relationship, it make her interest in you get stronger and that also help you stay refreshed and happy with your life, it will even give her the time to go see her girlfriends and drink late without feeling like she should be hanging out with you, instead.

2. Don’t be predictable by giving in to her romantic wish all the time – I’ll explain.

It is true that women love guys who are romantic, everywhere you go, and you’ll hear that from all women. It is great idea to be romantic with your gift but it will cost you your relationship if you give in every time to women romantic wishes, like buying her cards in every occasion.

Do it sparingly but not at all time, doing it all the time will make you predictable to her and at sometimes it won’t be a surprise to her anymore.

What do you do? Don’t be predictable but that doesn’t mean you should not be romantic. For instance, when I’m with a woman I love so much, I always feel like telling her how beautiful she’s every time I look at her or have an opportunity to speak to her. But I restrain myself from doing it because it will become repetition and repetition will lead to boredom. I know I don’t have to bore her with you’re beautiful all the time but occasionally when I say it to her, she smiles and feels happy to hear it.

Boredom is not good for any relationship; it won’t make your relationship to grow. The basis of boredom is REPETITION, one of the leading causes of early death of relationship is BOREDOM

So, try as much as you can to avoid boredom because it is bad for any relationship aiming to be healthy and flourishing. Boredom is bad, don’t be predictable.

If you always buy her something when you’re returning from work, stop it and only do it occasionally. If you do hold her hand every time you’re going out, stop it and do it to mean something special to her. Be romantic but don’t be predictable.

These tips will help you and make your woman want you more, I’m not telling you to belief me right now, but just give it a trial and you’ll be surprise how interesting and attractive you’ll become before you lovely woman.

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5 thoughts on “2 Relationship Tips To Make Her Want You More”

  1. I love my qirl so much,,i do call her most often when have not sex her,,but when we had sex with eachother,,the day we have sex the next day i did not call her till niqht,,she was now sayinq because have seen what am looking for i don’t want to call her…what do you have to say about this?

    1. What else do you expect her to say?
      It’s normal or maybe natural for her to respond that way, you should have let what you have started with her continue at least few days after sleeping with her if at all you want to reduce the number of times you do call her.

      Try to call her frequently now and explain what really happen why you didn’t call her till night before calling her.

  2. Hailings 2 yu here I can feel d sensing txt dah yu guys ar posting! Buh ma case is dah !Am a cool guy nd talking much iz n’t my type xo my girl said am bored! I felt bad,xo I tryd gisting her more often,nd on our last date dah we had, she told me I talk too much* ma question iz ao can I satisfy such gurl in aspect of conversation?

    1. Do you think you can actually satisfy her?

      Just take control of how you speak, that’s all you need.

      If she’s going to stay with you, knowing full well that, this is who you really are and not trying to pretend to be someone else, she will stay.
      And if she want to leave you, please let her go but still remain who you are.
      Although if you’re boring, try and bring yourself up a little bit, no woman want to stay with boring man, their whole life will be boring.
      You know, women love gist, but be moderate on how you interact with them.

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