Common Mistakes That Will Cut-Short Your Relationship

Common Mistakes That Will Cut-Short Your Relationship

Everyone makes relationship mistake but your ability to correct your mistake will help you to learn more thing as you move on in your relationship. Sometimes, these mistakes are not even being known by the person that made them, until someone else come to point it to them.

In this regards, having an open minded and ability to try and put other’s people opinion into consideration, will help you to go a long way in correcting your relationship.

Everything about relationship is never going to be learnt during courtship, you can’t even learn everything at once in your marriage. As your relationship grow, you continue to learn new things day by day, and when you apply what you’ve learnt into your relationship, that is when you can begin to see greater improvement and many steps towards achieving a successful relationship that you desire.

Common Mistakes That Will Cut-Short Your RelationshipThis article is about pointing out some common mistake you never take notice in your relationship, and these mistakes are actually straining your relationship that, if you don’t act on them and correct them, they might cut-short your relationship.

Let get to see some of these mistakes you do make in your relationship, which might strain your relationship if actually you’re making any of them.

When you’re emotionally unavailable all the time

It is a big stress for your partner not to be able to connect with you emotionally at all time, it might look like a challenge to your guy at first when you’re just starting your relationship, but the frustration will comes in when it takes him too much time in trying to connect with you emotionally.

Your emotional unavailability means, you still have some restriction that you don’t want to let go and as a result of it, you create some kind of barricade that prevent your guy from connecting with you emotionally.

The reality here is that, he will begin to lose interest in you since he can’t reach your heart, it is another sign that your heart seems to belong to somewhere else and not with him.

You need to change, if in most time, your emotion is not ready available for your partner to connect with you. It is a big mistake many people made, it is more like you’re unsure of that relationship, and nobody will want to commit to something they never sure of where it’s going to end.

You tell lies

It is very hard to see anyone who can tell you he/she has never tells lie before. Nearly everyone tells lie, but if you make yourself to be suspicious every time with lies in your relationship, is going to spell doom for you.

Once you’re into a serious relationship, you need to watch what you say, don’t speak with both side of the mouth. Don’t make yourself look silly with lies. Lies are easily spotted, especially if your partner knows how to read body language.

When you become perpetual liar, you make yourself someone your partner should not be trusted, even when you don’t lie, you’ll still create some atmosphere of doubt in your partner’s mind, since you’re known as someone who cannot do without lying. Set your record right and be sincere in your dealings in the relationship.

 Wanting to be yourself and get too messy

It is always good for you to be yourself and not trying to pretend to be another person in your relationship in other to convince your partner that you have more than it take to be a good partner.

Inasmuch as being yourself is a better option, you should not make the mistake of getting messy in your relationship. You may not keep things organize in your house but when you get into your guy’s house, you can’t afford to do that, it quickly tell him to prepare to battle with the way you love to keep things disorderly.

Even if your guy could not take notice of it initially, as your relationship grow, this is one of the thing he will begin to consider if he can tolerate it in his house.

You can start putting things in order right there in your house and within a month, you’ll begin to master it because it will be gradually becoming part of your habit, you’ll be able to replace the bad one with the good one. Learn to be yourself but don’t get messy.

These three mistakes are the most common but there are several others that can put strain into your relationship. If you look at yourself very well, you might just read through some other mistakes you’re making that will cut-short your relationship.

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