How to know if you are in a Genuine Relationship

Relationships exist everyday and while they do, they are different in nature.

There are business relationships, casual relationships, relationships based on friendship, and the ones that exist between a man and a woman.

Some relationships end up disastrous while some end up well. A lot of people have to go through series of relationships before they find the right one.

We all know that not all relationships end up at the altar so how then can one know if they are in a real or fake relationship?

If also takes some people time before they know if they are in a genuine relationship or not.

Well, if you are curious and want to know if you are in a genuine relationship, then this article is a must read.

The tips listed in this article are sure signs for you to know.

Does he or she keep in touch:

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Being in a relationship entails a lot and communication is vital to any meaningful relationship.

Does your partner communicate with you often? Aside visiting you and taking you out, does he call or chat with you regularly.

This is one of the signs to know a genuine relationship. If your partner really loves you or is serious about you, he or she would not hesitate to constantly keep in touch.

Reaching out to you simply implies that even though he or she isn’t present with you, you are always in their thoughts and to me, that’s all that matters when it comes to love.

Does he or she openly express their love to you:

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If you are in a genuine relationship, expressing your love for your partner should not be a big deal to you.

You shouldn’t feel ashamed to do so. If the love you have is real, you should be proud to let anyone know.

A man or woman who feels free doing this anywhere and at anytime is a true lover.

Does your partners family know about you:

If you are in a relationship and your partner doesn’t hide you from his or her family, then you are most likely in a genuine relationship.

His or her family ought to know there’s a relationship going on even before it gets really serious.

Do you know the intention of your partner:

Most times from the onset of a relationship, one is able to decipher if it’s a genuine relationship or not.

One important thing to inquire about is the true intention of your partner.

What does he or she want from you?

Where is the relationship headed?

Will there be a future in the relationship?

Are you both compatible with each other?

If you can get the answers to these questions, you are so close to knowing if you are in a genuine relationship.

A lot of people lie but if you get honest answers, then that is very good.

Is your partner future focused:

When communicating with your partner, you should be able to tell if he or she is serious about you or not.

Does he or she  talk about the future a lot and do they include you in it?

A serious minded person will not just focus on the present but also on the future of the relationship.

Is he or she concerned about your welfare:

Anybody who loves you will be concerned about things that are important to you. If your relationship is genuine, your partner will want everything to go well with you. He or she will not only be concerned about themselves but also about you because what affects you should affect him or her as well.

Is your relationship all about give and take:

if you are in a relationship which consists of giving and taking alone then that relationship is not genuine.

If the relationship is one sided and if the bedrock of the relationship lies only on giving alone or just taking from one partner then that relationship is fake.

A genuine relationship should be double sided in the sense that it should be a mutual beneficial relationship so that one side doesn’t suffer much.

If you are in a relationship, use these tips as yardsticks to find out if you are in a genuine relationship or not.

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