7 Reasons To Consider Eloping With Your Partner

When a few years ago a friend asked me for advice on whether to elope or not, I was left speechless for several seconds. If you know me and how much I can babble sometimes, that is a long time to be speechless. Why would you consider eloping with your partner? Isn’t it too drastic?

Consider Eloping With Your Partner

In this day and age, young people have lots of freedom and liberty to explore their options. Once upon a time, the main reasons you would consider eloping with your partner is if

  • The girl is pregnant and there isn’t enough money to arrange a proper wedding
  • One or both parents disapprove of the planned union
  • Societal or community rules forbid marriage between you two

However, in this age and time where the old ways are fast dying off, eloping with your partner can be for any number of reasons.

Below are my top reasons to consider eloping with your partner.

You avoid the stress of planning a wedding

 Consider Eloping With Your Partner

You would never know the time and effort put into planning a hitch-free wedding unless you’ve done it before. And for the records, no wedding is ever perfect no matter how hard you try. Something always seems to go wrong.

You’d think handing the preparation to professionals wedding planners would eliminate the stress. That is further from the reality:

And most importantly, if you don’t know how to manage people and their emotions, you are in for a hellish time before, during and after the wedding.

Nobody would accuse you of favoritism

Consider Eloping With Your Partner

The last time I was involved in planning a wedding was my sister’s.

Naturally, some people heard about the wedding from other sources outside the family. They came and let me know how they felt about it. I had to apologize to so many people. Including those I would rather not be associated with.

The thing is, a wedding is practically an open sesame. All sorts of people can attend. Even if you decide to make it private, some might feel put out you never invited them.

You would be made to feel like you just declared how unimportant you consider them in your life; which is why you never extended an invitation to them.

So one of the benefits if your consider eloping with your partner is that nobody would accuse you of favoritism. In one fell swoop, you just treated everybody the same.

Consider eloping with your partner to save money

 Consider Eloping With Your Partner

What more can be said? It seems clear that you get to save a lot of money if you elope.

Wedding expenses are so endless; it is no wonder many couples put all their hopes on the money they hope to get during the wedding.

Wedding expenses has left many couples bankrupt. As a matter of fact, many weddings are arranged on credit without a thought to the future.

The implication is that the new couple would spend several months trying to pay off debts. I have heard stories of people ending up in courts or jail because they couldn’t settle their debts as agreed.

So if you don’t have wealthy families to bail you out, just consider eloping with your partner. It could be the best decision you ever made.

Where you get married would be special

Consider Eloping With Your Partner

Here is the thing; there is nothing special about the venue of your wedding and reception if you do it the normal way.

The fact is, hundreds of people might have used that venue before you. Hundreds would use it after you do.

On the other hand, if you consider eloping with your partner, one of the things both of you would discuss is the special place to elope to. This would be unique place. Your secret place that nobody gets to know about until after the fact.

Basically, you are both free to choose where to go without input from friends, families, colleagues and acquaintances.

It’s a story you would tell you grandchildren with relish.

It can be way more fun for very little stress

 Consider Eloping With Your Partner

Admit it, some of the best fun things you did were the most unusual. Things that surprised your friends and families.

Eloping has the feel of spontaneity around it. As if one just took off on a whim to get married in a secret location. Though the fact is, careful planning goes into it.

However, just the fact you eloped would be one huge surprised to everybody you know. This could be the only time in your life where you get to do something totally out of character. This could be the only time you get to show people there are many shades of you under those ordinary clothes.

You don’t impose on family, friends and your guests

 Consider Eloping With Your Partner

This could be one of my favourite reasons you should consider eloping with your partner.

I know people love weddings a lot. I mean, what is there not to love. There are lots of drinks, partying, meeting of new people, getting reacquainted with long-lost friends and all that.

Generally, everybody gets to have a jolly good time.

But one thing to be said about eloping is that it eliminates the obligation wedding imposes on people you know and love.

Family and friends might be hard up for money to contribute to an elaborate wedding. There are gifts to buy; clothes to sew and so many other things that might eat up their scarce resources.

Eloping might just be an unintentional way to tell them to use their money for something equally important.

Your focus is on just getting married

 Consider Eloping With Your Partner

Preparing for a wedding could cloud your focus. There are so many things to do you tend to forget what the whole thing is about.

Really, for elaborate weddings and receptions, you are more concerned that everything goes right. The actual act of exchanging vows and becoming man and wife becomes a footnote to everything else.

However, when you elope, the most important thing on your mind is the act of finally being united as one with your lover. You don’t have to be distracted by any sideshow like

  • Whether there is enough food and drinks
  • Would the DJ and M.C. do their job very well
  • Whether the most important guests would come
  • Whether you would get enough money and gifts to start a new life
  • And so on.

Seriously, your mind is barely on the fact of becoming somebody’s better half.

So if you want to be different; if you want to show you play by your own rules; if you want to announce your independence; just consider eloping with your partner to show the world nothing can stop you from doing things your own way. If you have to.

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  1. I dated I guy for 1yr and 3mnth he was showing me all the 12 sign b4 something happen he he stop it he was suspecting me of cheating which I told him that there is nothing between and the other but he insists that there is something, so 1 faithful day he told me that we shld on break which I pleaded I even ask my elder brother and Frd to help me plead with him which the did but he insist on what he say he stop calling me but we do ve sex atimes if I call him he will pick chat with him he will respond but if I ask him whether he still love me he will say is not sure of his love me now what will I do shld work away or stay back?

    1. Hi mj, stay away from him for a bit. Your behavior screams desperation, which leaves you open to being taken for granted. Give him space to sort his head. Wait for him to call next time. But don’t go running to him like a faithful dog anytime he snaps his fingers.

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