Money; A key marriage wreck

Money; A key marriage wreck

Among the various arguments that arise between the couples, money is the most common issue, which may even sometimes end in divorce. This may create various problems in your marriage, where people are not able to acclimatize to other expenditures and banking practices. Money cannot assure happiness but it is capable of destroying your marriage. When you are not having sufficient fiscal source for leading your life as your wish, it becomes emotionally difficult to run a peaceful married life. Money destroys a marriage in several ways.

Money; A key marriage wreckInsufficient money

Nowadays people marry at young age. Before establishing themselves professionally and realizing the meaning of life, they enter the married life. Though they are with more expectations, their earnings will be less for satisfying their money-oriented desires. This ultimately creates an incompetent feeling and this scantiness emotion leads to attack their spouse. The additional stress to stay away from debts and to save a considerable amount of money for future for meeting any contingencies compel the couples to dispute which destroy the relationship. This is a practical fact for numerous people who have lost their job unexpectedly or who failed to budget suiting the current economical changes. [Also Read; How to balance marriage and career]

Loans from various sources

Owing money in the form of loans or credit card payments which continues to accumulate automatically results in the tension about the family’s future. With such a disturbed mood no individual can enjoy mingling with others nor can they appreciate other’s good qualities. You should try to manage the issue and have to be mentally stable that marriage is not the main cause for the fiscal stress you are facing now and it is the external circumstances that have led to this stress. You can overcome this situation easily by discussing with your spouse by taking a list of all expenditures and prioritizing those that need to be met first and match the same with the income and mutually search for the source to settle the issue.

Fiscal pressure

One of the partners may try to have a complete control on every pie. When an individual wants to establish his dominance through money in a family, it leads to hatred and annoyance. In certain cases, one partner will be responsible for fulfilling the entire monetary requirements of the family right from the electricity bill, educational expenses, debt obligations, to purchase of furnishings or other fixed assets. This exerts a huge financial burden on the spouse which will initiate disputes. A spouse out of too much enthusiasm might misguide their children and spoil their financials by purchasing luxury toys and frequent gifts for them. It might reduce the disposable earnings of the family and hence arguments may arise destroying the marriage.

Think positively and keep in mind that you are always capable of earning more money, which requires willpower and the desire to live together. Be sure about not spending even a single pie on unnecessary products or services. Prepare a budget and follow the same and each one should realize that both are involved in leading a peaceful life for making your family and marriage peaceful and successful.

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  1. Totally Agree With you Anthony/… Money is the only problem that causes many major problems not only among the couples but also between family members. Understanding can be the only solution to these problems.

    1. Thanks Jack Smith, though money causes major problem in the family but not the only cause of family problem. There are other issues even when everything is set right with the money, they still have other problem to battle with.

  2. I am impressed with the way you covers the whole article. Thanks for sharing and keep posting such nice information. I am truly pleased to read this website which defines our thoughts. looking more from you in future. I think you did an outstanding job though! Thanks for this!

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