How to Draft your Own Unique Wedding Vows

How many of you love writing? How many of you love playing with words? Do you know that drafting your own unique wedding vows is just like writing a love letter? I am very sure you must have written love letters back then when you were much younger. Just like writing a love letter is easy so also drafting a wedding vow is really no big deal if you think about it.

Now your wedding day is approaching and you really need your wedding vows to be ready and with all the preparations going on, you do not know how to begin writing them. So, what do you do?

The steps illustrated in this write up should be able to give you a head start on writing your very own unique wedding vows.

How to Draft your Own Unique Wedding Vows:

What do you want to communicate?

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The first step is in knowing what exactly you want the whole world to know because this is what is going to be stated in your wedding vows. Note that your wedding vows will be heard by not just your spouse whom it is directed at but also your guests. Once you can identify the message you want to pass across, the rest should be easy.

Be as real as possible:

When drafting your wedding vows, it will pay you to be yourself. Do not say words you do not mean just because you want to impress people. Your wedding vows should be a reflection of how you really feel about your spouse. If you can be as honest as possible when writing your wedding vows, you will discover that words would flow easily.

Think about your spouse:

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In the process of writing your wedding vows, your mind should be fixated on your spouse and what makes you love him. These are some of the things you should list in it. Talk about your feelings towards him or her, talk about what makes them special to you, talk about your love for that person and do not be ashamed to say what is in your innermost heart.

Make promises:

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What is a vow? Isn’t it a declaration or a promise you ought to keep? So, your wedding vow content must contain words of promises you should endeavour to keep. You are going to be spending the rest of your life with that person so what are those things you aspire to achieve whilst married to that person? What are those things you promise to do for your spouse to make them happy? One thing that helps when writing down promises is thinking about the future you will have with your spouse. When you think about the future with the person you love; imagine the wonderful thoughts you would have. Now, those are the things you should put down in writing. When you do so, it becomes real to you.

Only write what you mean:

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It wouldn’t be fair to declare what you do not mean. When writing your wedding vows, think about the effect your words would have on your spouse if after declaring them, you don’t actually follow through. I believe wedding vows should be sincere, real, straight from the heart and unique.

Be original:

On the internet, it is possible to get samples of wedding vows but I think it is better when you creatively write your own vows. Do not copy what someone else has already written but rather have your own personalized vows. In years to come, you’ll be glad you did. Do you know you can even frame your wedding vows and hang it on a wall in your bedroom? It will serve as a reminder each time you look at it.

Writing wedding vows should be thrilling as well as exciting. Now that I think about it, I feel like renewing my own wedding vows. What about you?

Are you now ready to pour out those feelings on paper? Have fun doing that.

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