DIY Wedding Invitation Cards And Why Collection Of Guest List Is Essential

Are you getting bored of the traditional styles of wedding invitation cards and want to add a newer dimension to your wedding invitation cards? You might want to opt for some new trends in wedding invitations such as 3D invitation cards and DIY wedding invitation cards.

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If on the contrary you want to save costs, email invites and DIY cards are great options. A lot of couples, especially brides these days are now opting for Do-It-Yourself invitation cards. This is a good way of saving on wedding costs. But if you are not a designer or a naturally creative person, getting started can be quite an overwhelming experience. DIY wedding invitation cards are very useful if you’re on a strict budget, want to express your personality, or are just having a small wedding.

Preparations, Creating and mailing of DIY wedding invitation cards

Designing, printing, assembling, addressing, and mailing your invitation cards will take a very long time so you need to be prepared and be sure you actually have this time. It may be one of the most time-consuming tasks you will encounter while planning your wedding. If you think you’re up to it, give yourself enough time to complete the task from start to finish.

Consider your wedding color theme

Before getting started, have an idea of the general feel you are going for like the colors and theme of your wedding if there is one. This would guide you in selecting the stationery to be used. You can either get a wedding invitation template which already has a predetermined design and fonts. You just have to pick your colours and input your text. With this, you can also send several wedding invitation templates e-cards to your guests via email.

Designing your card from start to finish

Alternatively, you can design the cards from start to finish by putting your personal touch here and there. Make sure you get the appropriate envelopes to fit your size of invitation cards before getting started.

Unique doesn’t mean costly but it just means how different the wedding card is. There is no limit to the beauty and creativity a bride can achieve with this special day in her life, however she envisions it to be.

But if you find that DIY wedding invitation card is just not for you or making your own invitations is more stressful than you can handle, do NOT feel bad. It’s not for everyone.

Sending out wedding invitations and Importance of A Guest List

Before you get started on sending out your wedding invitations, it is important to have a guest list. I cannot emphasize this enough. Whether you’re opting for the Nigerian style wedding where you don’t need guests to confirm their attendance or otherwise, a guest list is still important. This is the first major step in preparing a wedding budget as the number of guests sets the tone for the entire wedding planning.

If like me, you’re not a big fan of “strictly by invitation” weddings, you still need to have this list. You and your fiance should sit down and have a good talk on how many people you’d want at your wedding. The preference of your parents is also important at this point especially as they get to foot a large chunk of the wedding bills as it is in most Nigerian families.

Organize your information before distributing DIY Wedding Invitation Cards

After you have agreed on the average number of guests you want to invite, organize all this information into a spreadsheet on your computer. This way, you can quickly pull up the information and make any necessary changes. Traditionally, the invitations are split evenly between the two families. However, if the bride and groom share the same group of friends, you may choose to give each of your parents a third of the invitations, reserving a third for yourselves.

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