Green Wedding Reception idea: Eco Friendly Wedding reception

If you have very few invited guests, the best green wedding reception idea as regards to food is to ask your family and friend to help you cook the food to serve the guests. If you don’t have family and friends who might do this for you, you may wish to hire a nearby mobile caterer to cook and serve the food.

This green wedding reception idea will reduce your total cost and also help you to purchase the food materials yourself. This form of arrangement may only be suitable if you are planning a small wedding.

If you have a lot of guest and still plan to make the menu sustainable, the best food green wedding reception idea is to hire a wedding venue that also cater for food and merely choose a menu that is most probably going to be sourced at reasonable price locally.

When you order for an entire package at a center, it give you little control over how the food will be sourced but there are things you can still do to ensure that the food source are as sustainable as possible.

You can, for example, ask the centre’s chef to look for local suppliers of food material whose prices will be equivalent with what they are used to. You may also contact the chef for their meat suppliers to ensure that the sources of their meat are from organic farms.

Your choice of Green Wedding Venues

If you have a big garden in your compound, it is a great green wedding reception idea to use it as a venue particularly if the wedding falls within the summer months in the temperate regions or during the dry season in the tropic regions.

If your wedding date falls within the raining season or during spring, it is much more advisable to go for indoor wedding since it is more manageable and as well more cost effective.

Going for indoor option eliminates certain costs for you like cooking or heating the food on outdoors appliances to keep warm, and no need of putting up huge structures like marquees, portaloos, canopies, tables and chairs.

Also, this green wedding reception idea means there is no need of hiring big Lorries to transport the decoration items. You can make use of the facilities that a local hall has and the day’s weather condition will minimally affect your day’s plan.

Green Wedding Invitations

The green wedding reception idea for your invitation cards is to opt instead for online invitation.

You may decide to use online invitation for your guests and link it to a website that provides the entire details about your wedding for the guest to easily access like direction to the wedding venue and the wedding programme.

You may offer the guest the chance of clicking to RSVP and in which case they’d be provided with text boxes to fill in food allergies or other notes.

You can in this way easily check out those who have visited the site without any need to phone them.

Going for online invitations would save some money, energy and time. It would also save you from having to drive from house to house or office to office to deliver those invitation cards. You may however, need to print cards for your guests who have no access to the internet.

Green wedding reception idea wedding banners: Favours

You can borrow a van the day before your wedding and collect potted flowers and plants from supportive friends and family. This way you may gather up a lot of foliage.

You can as well borrow a cake stand from friends or discuss with other couples who are not long married to see if they have something you might borrow.

You may be able to gather a lot of things that you’d otherwise buy and which mostly are used once and thrown into the trash bin. You may also get more flower pots and plants by posting a note to  the websites.

This is an online community that assist people get something there are greatly in need of by contacting those who have those things and may want to discard them. You can also use the site to give away anything you wish to re-cycle and also obtain what you need.

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