Playgirls Guide On How To Get A Husband Before The End Of the Year

In this era of feminism, talk of how to get a husband doesn’t usually generate as much excitement among ladies as it used to. But even playgirls at a certain age want to hook a man and get married.

how to get a husband

Playgirls generally are known as fun girls. They live life to the fullest. They make it a matter of principle to have as many relationships as possible with men. Sometimes, they do it for the money and in some cases, they just want to have fun.

However, after living the life, most of them discover no man wants to take them seriously. They hardly ever get an invite to see the parents. The reality hits them really hard especially if they are determined to quit the playgirl life and settle down.

At this point, it is too late. Around town, their story is already set in stone. They become the girl to have a fling with if you are in the mood for a short-term relationship. They are the sorts of girls everybody expects to see at a rowdy bachelor’s party.

So if you are a playgirl and want to quit to get married, you are in the right place. This short guide on how to get a husband before the end of the year should at least get you a good husband material as a boyfriend if it’s followed or implemented faithfully.

How to get a husband in one year

Change location

how to get a husband

In how to get a husband as an ex playgirl, changing your location is the single most important decision you would make.

You see, in your present town where you run things, you already have a reputation that you are not a wife material. Even a stranger would be warned about you if the locals noticed him getting serious about you.

So you need a fresh start. That requires you relocate to a place where nobody knows you. At the least, move to a place far enough from your old buddies and regular hangouts.

Here, in this new location, you can start to build a new life.

Change lifestyle

You are now in a new town where nobody knows you. Start creating a new reputation as a serious person.

Everything you did socially in your past life must be discarded. For instance, you have to stop the weekend parties and regular clubbing with buddies.

Get a job. And if that is not easy to get, enroll in school to further your education. There is nothing that gives a lady a badge of honor as one who is desirous of getting an education.

You can even enroll in a fashion school or any vocational institute that would help you start a business later in life. That should come in handy because now you won’t have to depend on men for money.

Delete your social media accounts/get a new phone number

This is another tough thing you must do especially if you are addicted to your smartphone.

Starting a fresh life means discarding old bad habits. Your social media accounts are the stuff that would tell a potential partner the kind of life you lived formerly.

So delete the accounts and if possible, get a new phone number. Give this new number to only very close, trusted friends and family. Guys hate it when a girl receives a call every minute from some random man.

Your social life must reflect your goal

how to get a husband

To get a husband, putting yourself out there is very important. Call it strategic advertisement if you wish.

One of the best places to start is a religious gathering. Find a church you are comfortable with and be a regular member. Keep a low profile in the church and dress decently.

Trust me, after some time a brother would surely approach you to get to know you better. Don’t date the first guy to approach you or give in too easily if you like him very much. Make him sweat even to get your phone number.

Be courteous while talking with the guy. He must understand you are a nice person even as you are making life a bit difficult for him.

Other social events to attend include weddings you are invited to, office dinners or parties, workshops and so on. The point is, you are trying to build the right profile of the kind of woman all man would love to have as a wife.

Be patient

After doing all that, it’s time to practice the virtue of patience. You would need lots of it in the coming months.

Since you are a former playgirl, you won’t find any problem identifying and ignoring the unserious men that would make a play for you. You know their type very well as they were part of your former life.

So stay clear of them and be patient for that man that would give you what you really want.

Dating a prospective husband

how to get a husband

When you finally meet a guy who seems a good prospect, allow him to make all the moves. Let him believe it was his initiatives and wooing skills that finally won you over.

That would be a huge boost to his ego. Again, don’t rush any part of the budding relationship. Keep holding back to make him believe he is not that good enough for you. Then watch him try to prove you wrong.

What are the chances he would fall in love with you and want to marry you asap? Very high.

So this is how to get a husband within one year. If you do all that, the least you would get is a committed boyfriend who would be determined to keep you for himself no matter what.

Tell us what you think? Do you believe it is possible to get a married within a year starting from scratch? What other advice do you have for playgirls who want to get married?

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