Would You Date A Guy For Money Or For Love? 5 Reasons Money Is Important In A Relationship

This is one controversial topic that people will always talk about and of course, people will have different views about it. There are lots of ladies who will date a guy for love while there are others who will do so simply because of money.

It is a well known fact that the issue of money cannot be over emphasized in everyday life. In as much as it should not be idolized by people, it is equally important in a relationship.

Hence, the reason some ladies see it as a necessity and as a vital part of any relationship.

Here are some reasons money is important in a relationship.

It gives one prestige:

When you are in a relationship and money doesn’t seem to be a problem, there is usually peace and stability in that relationship. Most relationships that seem like everything is rosy will certainly have something to say about this.

If your partner is able to meet your financial needs and you do not seem to be lacking anything that money can buy, how would you feel? Wouldn’t you feel glad?

Imagine being able to buy any designer wear you want that makes you stand out from your friends; wouldn’t you feel really important? This is one of the reasons money is important in a relationship.

It gives you comfort:

5 Reasons Money Is Important In A Relationship

There are some relationships in which couples struggle to make ends meet simply because they do not have sufficient funds to sustain them both.

In such a situation, it is very possible for one or both of them to feel frustrated in that relationship but if they are able to do things with ease with little or no constraint, they will feel more relaxed.

You don’t only feel comfort physically and materially, you also feel comfort mentally and emotionally.

Not all women are money freaks but as long as their man can provide their needs, they are just okay.

It gives a sense of security:

If a lady is dating a guy and she is very confident that her partner can take care of her; it gives her a sense of security. No lady really wants to date a guy who has no money and so if she is assured that he has her back, she is satisfied.

Any man who can conveniently look after the woman that he loves will be respected by her.

It strengthens the bond in a relationship:

5 Reasons Money Is Important In A Relationship

This is one of the many reasons money is important in a relationship as it tends to make couples grow stronger in their relationship.

Do you wonder sometimes what causes disputes in some relationships that lead to a break up? Most of the time, it is as a result of the money issues they have.

Imagine you are in a relationship and you are the only one that provides money for almost everything. At a point, you will feel choked and want out of that relationship. This is the effect lack of money can have in any relationship.

Both if you both contribute financially to the relationship and there are no other issues lagging behind, it will be difficult for the two of you to have a dispute that will break your relationship.

It gives respect:

If you both have money in your relationship and do not co exist because you are living off someone else, there will be respect in that relationship.

Money has a way of belittling someone if care is not taken and so having individual cash in a relationship is necessary to maintain trust and respect in your relationship.

From all of these, I am sure you can now see the reasons money is important in a relationship and it plays a really vital role in how relationships are run in our everyday lives.

It can break, build, uphold and strengthen any relationship as long as you know how to handle and manage it.

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