The Most Common Mistakes Women Make When Dating

If you avoid these Common Mistakes Women make when dating, you are more likely to be successful in your relationship. We hear news of relationship breakup every day. Relationship breakups don’t occur because people involved are bad or the worst behaved but often times due to ignorance and some dating mistakes.

Very often, good-mannered and honorable women ruin their intimate relationships due to some of these common mistakes women make while dating. The majority of these dating mistakes are avoidable if only you are a bit more informed or knowledgeable enough.

common mistakes women make
common mistakes women make

A Relationship is as fragile as an egg and must be properly handled to avoid breakage. If you hope to have a healthy relationship, you must tread cautiously, especially during the initial dating period when you are still working to build trust.

When you nurture and grow your relationship in this way, it is sure to reach perfect maturity.

To enable you to find, build and nurture a perfect and lasting relationship, we have made available for you in this article top common mistakes women make when dating.

Women make dating mistakes every day. When they do happen, the best thing you can do is to learn from them and turn your relationship around for good.

If you are looking to form a new relationship or interested to find out ways you can avoid dating mistakes you previously made, these tips will come really invaluable and handy.

Poor self-esteem

You need to know what you are worth. Don’t swallow shit from a man who treats you so badly. Don’t keep desiring him and trying to change him. Know your worth. You are worth much more than that. It is erroneous to put up with ill treatments hoping that things will change over time.

The fact remains; a bad tree will always bear bad fruit and a good tree will always bear good fruit. You need to believe in yourself and believe that you are worthy of a handsome and godly man with adorable character. The truth is, you will hardly be loved or respected by a man if you allow yourself to be treated so poorly.

If you discover that you are constantly getting screwed up with men of dishonorable characters; it is time you stopped and have a rethink.  Restructure and re-establish your values before forging ahead.

Common mistakes women make: Overworking yourself

God naturally made women weaker sex than men. You must acknowledge that. You must have heard of this popular saying advocated by feminists, “what a man can do; a woman can do it better”.

God didn’t fool himself when he made women the weaker sex. Women definitely are capable of achieving great heights, yes. But you must not overdo things. There is a limit to the height you can reach as a woman.

Overworking yourself and being over ambitious sometimes poses a great barrier to your dating life and relationship. There must be room and gap in your life that a man should occupy and fill. If you decide to occupy all of that, you are definitely not giving him room. And you will be making him feel that you are better off without him.

This explains the reason why most overly successful women like doctors, attorneys, business managers, and entrepreneurs remain singles. They find it difficult to remain in their relationship due to their extreme ambition.

They spend most of their time trying to achieve more to equate their vigor to that of a man to the detriment of their feminine attribute as a weaker sex.  The result is that they potentially scare men away due to the clear embargo or tag of “no responsibility for you” they glue to themselves.

You don’t understand men or appreciate them enough

Every individual has to battle with one challenge or the other depending on how we perceive and interrelate with people on a day to day basis. Most dating mistakes we see every day could be avoided if many women in a relationship are more aware of how men view their world. Thus, this article will help to boost and perk up your relationship and love life.

You would be free of common mistakes women make when dating if you understand men better. Men are created to be stronger sex. You should appreciate that. Show your man that you understand that and treat him as he is worth.

You can bring the best out of a man by just doing this. On the contrary, you could literally drive a man nut and turn a good man into a whore if you are bottled up and aggravated with your previous ugly dating experience with men.

If you know how to inspire a man, he’d be prepared to serve you and adore you all his life. As a conclusion, learn how to understand your man, appreciate him for whom he is and he’d be willing to go extra miles with you and for you.

Trying to change your man into a “perfect man”

Never try to change your man. Instead of getting his admiration, you will be driving him mad. Accept him for whom he is. By doing so, you will make him willing to do better. A man wants to spend his energy to impress you. Don’t show him he is worth nothing by being overly corrective.

Naturally, men tend to dislike women who wouldn’t take them for who they are; women who try to configure them into something else. If you are fond of disparaging his manners of dressing, his looks, his eating and grooming habits, often times, it gets seen as insults and is unacceptable.

Such actions tend to make your man powerless. Whenever you are moved to make such comments to him, first of all, apply the golden rule. If after you have done that and discover in all honesty, you’d be happy if he tells you same, then go ahead and have luck!

You are not sufficiently grateful for the gift of your man

See your man as a gift and be thankful for all he is worth. Be humble enough to appreciate even the slightest gift he gives you. Don’t be greedy and think you are worth everything and he must pay you for all you are worth. Most selfish women fall victims of the common mistakes women make while dating by not showing gratitude to their men for the time, talent and wealth shared with them.

You must guard against such behaviors if you wish to sustain your relationship. Such women go into relationships with men solely for the gift they will get and not really to find true love.

It is dating mistake to go out with a man or different men, request for the classiest gifts and after that shut your door if you are approached again. Go into a relationship for the sole aim of getting true love, when that is found all other things will be naturally added.

Avoid the common mistakes women make of becoming a “gold digger” while dating. Remember that what goes around comes around. If you treat men this way; the possibility is that nemesis will catch up with you sooner or later. Then, you’d definitely suffer the same fate.

 You are not generous with your womanly Gifts

While it is the work of your man to provide and protect; your job in a relationship as a woman is mostly to take care of your man and look after him.

If you are only interested in what he can give you without reciprocating his love, you are making one of the common mistakes women make while dating. A woman should be kind and tender-hearted and you must be just that to your partner.

On a final note, do not forget to show your true color to your man. Your no must be no and your yes; yes. Do not play games with him. He needs to build trust in you just as you also need that from him.

Relationship unfolds over time. One or two date is not enough. Don’t be in a rush. Allow him enough time to make a decision if you are the right or proper date for him.

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