Looking For Women Safe To Have Flings With? Here are 5 Types For You

A few weeks ago, we revealed the kind of men women can have flings with. Today we are going to reveal the sort of women safe to have flings with if you think a short term affair is your best option.

women safe to have flings with

Unfortunately for the dudes, there aren’t so many types of women safe to have flings with as it is for the men. This is because women are not as predisposed to short casual affairs as men.

Most women tend to want it the whole way or nothing at all. So for a man, you have to dig deep to carefully to unearth such women.

However, if you don’t mind, there are red light districts in any decent town where you can pay money for a girl’s time. But if you want a girl you can go out with socially, girls of easy virtues are not an option.

So where and how can a man get women safe to have flings with? Just read on to get the answers.

The bold and the beautiful

women safe to have flings with

This us my favorite category of women safe to have flings with. Here is the thing about beautiful women: they are never short of suitors. When you put bold into the mix, you get a girl who is not afraid to take on any man.

Such girls positively love the challenge of dating a new guy and don’t care what happens in the future. They live for the moment.

They are easy to spot. Their confidence and vivaciousness make them stand out in a crowd. And of course, they have many male friends.

If you snag one and perhaps get tired after a while, she won’t have any problem letting you go. There are many male candidates waiting to take your place.

Smart and intelligent ladies

women safe to have flings with

Women in this group most likely can spot a man who is down for a casual affair from a mile off.

If they decide to give you a shot, it is because they also think you are worth their time. And because they are intelligent, their heads are hardly ever in the clouds hoping that a fairy love tale would result from the affair.

They cherish your companionship. Anything beyond that would be considered a bonus or an icing on the cake.

They won’t scream about how much you hurt them (or how deceitful you were) when you decide to call it quits. Remember, these are intelligent girls. They knew what was at stake, perhaps even better than you did.

Busy professional ladies

women safe to have flings with

With the liberalization of the workplace, women now compete with men in different professions. This competition is very intense as you have to put in your best to get ahead.

For that reason, there are several single ladies who have no time for anything except work. Sure, they can spare a little time to go out from time to time. But most of their energy is invested in the work they do.

Getting her attention might take a while. But if you are able to get her to agree to a date, you’d be in for one of the best flings ever.

Though most of their conversation tends to revolve around they do, I guess you can handle that. After all, what you need is a partner for short while not an interesting communicator.

It is obvious they are among the best women safe to have flings with. They hardly have to time to invest emotions in you. When you decide to cut ties, they are too busy to take you a guilt which isn’t worth their time.


women safe to have flings with

This should be at the top of the list along with beautiful girls as women safe to have flings with. Female celebrities meet lots of people daily. Lots of men want to be around them.

The problem would be to even get her to notice you. You have to be at your best to date any.

Having said that, with persistence, confidence and a bit of luck, you could have your time with them. Then it’s up to you to enjoy the ride while it last.

Chances are she’d get tired of you before you decide to quit the affair. She’ll even blow you a kiss for luck on your way out of her life.

Women of power

Don’t get this wrong. We are not talking about physical strength here. The women in this category are CEOs of big corporations; owners of big businesses; heads of important agencies. Get the picture?

The only sticking point is that most ladies in this category tend to be married already. But there are quite a few single ones. And some of the married ones won’t have any qualms having flings too.

Women in this category don’t have time for love games. When they want a man, they get him. If a man showed interest in them and they like him, then game on.

Here is the thing though, you must be ready to share the time with her with her numerous engagements. So, it is doubtful you would be having alone time with her as often as you’d wish.

When it’s time to put an end to the fling, it’s likely she’d be in a boardroom thousands of kilometers away discussing a multimillion dollar deal.

That is another way of saying she has more important things to do than bothering about your feelings.

So, those are the types of women safe to have flings with. Can you think of any other? Please tell us about it in the comment section below.

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