Top 5 Signs That Show if Your Guy Is Husband Material

Top 5 Signs That Show if Your Guy Is Husband Material

Who else want to know the top 5 signs that show if her guy is husband material? You need to read this and know the necessary steps to take with him right now.

When you meet a guy who you find very attractive to you and you think to yourself that, this type of guy can be the ideal man for your marriage and you’ll be ready to be with him for the rest of your life.

Top 5 Signs That Show if Your Guy Is Husband MaterialBut how can you really know that, this guy is actually marriage ready material? Well, there are fewer ways to determine if a man is the type that will put the ring in your hand. In this post today, I will be sharing with you, the top 5 signs that show if your guy is husband material and if you can spot these 5 signs in him, you can be sure, he’s the right man to give you the confidence of saying goodbye to single’s life and welcome into married life.

Seriously, marriage is important to every man, only very few of them who still want to be called boy, do play with issue of marriage. Marriage is a transformation from boy to men and research has shown that married men are healthier, happier, earn more money, think very well about their future, and have a better sex lives.

Here are the top 5 signs that show if your guy is husband material

1. When your guys is very much at home talking about the future on your relationship with plan

Any guy that is not afraid of talking about the future of your relationship with plans on how it can metamorphosize into marriage, is a very good husband material. If you bring up issue concerning the future of your relationship before your guy and he ask you to wait until that time or he ask you to wait and see what happen, isn’t going to be a husband material for you. Such guys will continuously shut down any kind of conversation that may lead to issue of marriage.

If he’s going to be a husband material, he must make plans beyond just next weekend, his plan must, go as far as two, three years. Such plan will have special consideration for you and the setting up of family life. Such is the man that is husband made material.

2. If your guy didn’t quit when the going get tough

I have seen many guys with big promises to their women, but when thing weren’t going fine, when their women were experiencing some difficulties, these guys, couldn’t cope with them, they couldn’t offer to endure the uneasy periods in the life of these women. They are simply not ready for marriage and not marriage materials at those periods.

If your guy can stay with you during the good times and the bad times, stay all along through the tough times, knowing fully well that, marriage is a serious commitment, and everything are not going to go on smoothly when you eventually got married, such guy, you need not to let him go. He is really a marriage material. He’s aware of the fact that, the two of you will surely have some disagreement that is likely to shake your marriage. He’s prepared to face it now with you, so that when such tough time arises when he has married you, he will be able to cope with it till both of you settle the matter.

3. He’s positive about everything marriage

When you come across a guy that hold positive believe about marriage, never talk about the negative side of it. Even though, he hears about divorce here and there but he holds the believe that, not all marriage will get to that trouble of divorce and it is even a very few numbers of divorce when compared to other marriages that hold ground

Husband material will talk about the good parts his neighbour’s marriages and never get deter of 2 out of 10 marriages with troubles.

4. When your guy want you to be known by his family and ready to connect you with his family & friends

This is long term effort of any marriage material kind of guys, will ever wanted. Since most men, always need the approval of their mother of the kind of woman they are bringing home, it is important for him to integrate you into his family. So, he’s never afraid of introducing you to his family and friends.

If a guy doesn’t want you to meet his family, chances are that, he’s not planning a long term future with you. It is possible for him to have another person in mind or he sees you as not the special one to be his life partner.

5. Husband material kind of guy doesn’t have problem associating with women.

Check how he relate with women generally, he always has respect for them. His relationship with his mother and sisters is cordial and superb. He never talks negative about women generally, he just believes both men and women have their own downside and no one is perfect.

The way he perceives and associate with women generally, will revealed how much skill he has built in maintaining his marriage with the special woman in his life.

These 5 signs can never be do away with, if you want to really know if your guy is husband material. As I said earlier, there are few of them but these five signs top them all. Therefore, use these top 5 signs that show if your guy is husband material as a yardstick for the current guy in your life.

It doesn’t end there; you may also believe you have some signs, which you use to measure up guys if they are husband made material. I want you to share such believe with us by using the comment box below. I love to hear from you and don’t forget to hit the ‘like’ of my facebook fan page.

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  1. Ikechukwu collins

    Husband material kind of guys do not spend money extravagantly. The prepare bugets in accordance with their income, spend money wisely and also keep some savings for the future. I think Thats another point that you should watch out for.

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