5 Overrated Qualities Of A Wife Material All Young Men Must Know

Men that need to get advice on what sort of lady to get married to are to be pitied. It’s not as if they won’t get tons of advice, it’s just that the advice would likely be a truck full of overrated qualities of a wife material.

Overrated Qualities Of A Wife Material

The qualities of a wife material are all too common to us. Heck, almost everybody, even kids, knows the qualities of a good girlfriend material. These qualities are the stuff of romantic movies, classic love stories, and the chorus at any marriage counseling session.

So almost everybody knows them. The thing though is, many of them would be what I call ‘overrated qualities of a wife material.’ Stay with me as I explain some of these overrated qualities of a wife material.

Character of the girl

Overrated Qualities Of A Wife Material

This is one of the biggest, most overrated qualities of a wife material. The first thing most people would tell a young man is to make sure the girls has a good character. Which is just basically an aggregation of traits that sums up how she behaves.

Here is the thing about character, it can be faked. A lady can hide her real self until she is safely married before you see the real her.

And then it is too late to do anything about it especially in traditional societies where divorce is frowned upon.

Nobody is saying young men should hitch up with girls with bad attitudes. The point here is, using character is overrated as a major factor in picking a life partner.

And since character is mostly learned, who is to say a girl with questionable character traits won’t change into a model wife once she gets married?

Her culinary skills

Overrated Qualities Of A Wife Material

Knowing how to cook is usually another factor a poor naive dude is told to watch out for before picking his woman for life. This advice is more likely to come from the dude’s family especially the mother and female siblings.

What women don’t understand is that men never get attracted to ladies because of their abilities in the kitchen. Her skills in the kitchen are normally just a bonus.

And in these modern times where the woman is likely to have a day job like the man, who would have time to cook? These days, it is normal for modern couples to have hired cooks to take care of everybody’s stomach proclivities.

So how good she can cook is also one of the most overrated qualities of wife a material.

Her bedroom skills

Overrated Qualities Of A Wife Material

There are two schools of thought here. The first point of view says a woman who is very good in bed is a slut and therefore, for some spurious reasons, must not be trusted.

The second view is that a woman who cannot satisfy her man’s needs in the bedroom has lost an important quality of a wife material.

Both points of view are overrated. A woman’s performance in the bedroom is hardly a yardstick to judge how good she’d be as a wife.

Honest married men would tell you the companionship they get from the woman is far more important. That is why it is good to marry someone who is also a good friend too.

Her social skills

Overrated Qualities Of A Wife Material

A woman’s social skills is another quality that is picked with a fine comb to see how suitable she would be as a wife.

The traditionalists would say a reserved quiet lady is the best a man can hope for. This sort, according to them, would not drag his name through the mud unnecessarily.

But the other side of the coin is that with reserved, quiet women, you might end up with a wife who might be scared of telling you her mind. This is the kind of lady who would just stay mum when you are going astray.

And because she is quiet, she is likely to allow the neighbors and people to take advantage of her to the detriment of your family.

Seriously, you want a woman who can speak and stand her ground when you are not around. She doesn’t have to wait for you to speak on her behalf.

An opinionated lady

Overrated Qualities Of A Wife Material

This is almost the opposite of the quiet ones. People do advise young men to avoid a girl who has an opinion on almost everything under the sun and doesn’t keep it to themselves.

Somehow, a tenuous link has been made between a girl who has a different point of view to a lack of respect for the man. That is not true by a long shot.

Any man worth his salt would know girls like that don’t stand for nonsense. They tell it the way it is. How can that be a bad thing?

Been opinionated is not actually one the most overrated qualities of a wife material though. It is the other way round. Young men are normally advised to go for girls who are the opposite of opinionated girls.

That is an overrated character in any person. It really doesn’t prove that a girl would become a good wife if she is good at keeping her opinions to herself.

Implicit in the charge against girls like these is that given the chance, they would take over the house from the man.

Sometimes I wonder where that sort of paranoia comes from? Only a guy who hasn’t been in a long term relationship before would believe all those overrated qualities of a wife material.

That is why it is important to date a girl for a decent length of time; get to know her properly, so that you won’t need anybody’s advice on whether your girl would make a good wife.

So, what do you think? Do you know of more overrated qualities of a wife material you wish to share? Please do so in the comments section. We would appreciate it.

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