6 Benefits Of Meditation That Should Start You Off

It’s very likely you are waiting to know the benefits of meditation ¬†before you take action on yesterday’s piece and kick off your meditation schedule. And if you have already started, well done to you. But don’t expect to see instant results. You have to be patient with these things.

Benefits of meditation

I remember when I decided to bulk up my reed thin frame for reasons I’d reveal some day. About 3 friends started going to the gym with me. They dropped by the wayside just a few days into the program. They couldn’t stand the pains. As for me, I ignored the pains because I was really motivated to do it. Funny thing was, anytime I got home, I’d undress and check out my physique in the mirror. Right from the first day. It was really discouraging that after a few weeks, the only changes in my body were the excruciating pains I was living with. Two months later, back in school after the lecturers’ strike that kept us at home, my friends were shocked at the new me. I was now now build like that Ronaldo guy. Bulging biceps, chiseled tummy, and swollen pecs (that is the fancy word for chest). Did I mention narrow waist? The point is, you need to be patient to see results. And you’ll never be disappointed if you apply your mind to something like meditation.

Some Benefits Of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are not your everyday spiritual mumbo jumbo. These are scientifically proven benefits. So you can ditched your religious fears aside and jump (or to be more precise sit) to it. So, in random order, theses are the things you won’t benefit if you don’t meditate

Effects of Meditation on the Brain

Some people find it difficult to believe sitting in a particular spot and apparently doing nothing can have any benefits at all, let alone on the brain. Well, the fact remains that almost every part of the brain benefits from meditation. For instance the cortex, which is an area associated with deep thinking and attention, thickens over a period of time with meditation.

Even the areas related to memory, thought, emotions and self control all are not spared. Meditation affects them positively. Still skeptical, read this piece from the renowned Forbes. I guess you might come back and accuse me for saying too little. Like I said yesterday, writing about meditation has to be done in a nutshell. There is simply no way it can be exhausted.

It broadens your Horizon

This is one upside of the benefits of meditation on your brain. Because your brains has being affected positively, your perspective about life in generally widens. You understand things people find difficult to grasp. That is another way of saying you grow in wisdom. I am not saying up to the levels of the biblical Solomon, but enough to make you stand out.

Happiness and Health

There is always a correlation between these things as far as the body is concerned. The fact that some of the most important sections of your brains are positively affected by meditation invariably translates into having positive emotions; the satisfaction you get from life increases even if your actual circumstances doesn’t change; also there is a proven linked between brain health and immunity to diseases and pains. Susceptibility to inflammation also decreases. Everything has a positive effect on something else.


With sustained meditation, you tend develop a keen awareness to how other people live. This engenders the feeling of helpfulness in you. The fact is, you become more compassionate once your level of empathy is elevated. You see yourself becoming easily connected to other people both socially and spiritually.

You Become Super Focused

The whole point of meditation is to learn to isolate useless thoughts from your mind. And with that comes the ability to focus on what is really important. This ability can spill over to your daily life too. Making it easier for you to focus on the really important things.

This is one exercise you can have kids do to improve their brain power. The benefits for kids cannot be be quantified. The least you get is a kid with a high IQ.

It Makes You Unique

Yeah, that is one of the really cool benefits of meditation. Look around you, how many people do you see doing it. Doing it surrounds you with that aura of mystique everybody wants but can’t get. Your friends and family look at you as if you know stuff that are totally cool. As if the answers to problems are just a finger tip away.

Now, can you give me a compelling reason why you won’t take up meditation? Maybe you have some concerns about some of the methodology; or concerns about the whole point of sitting down quietly doing nothing. Do share it with us. Maybe we can isolate your problem as hyperactivity. Which is a different ball park entirely. Fact being that, hyperactive people would find it difficult to meditate. Not impossible though.

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