5 Ways To Know Your Partner Is Cheating On You

5 Ways To Know Your Partner Is Cheating On You

I read it somewhere long time ago that once you’re a cheater, you’re always a cheater. I can’t categorically say that is true always but I know for sure, it is something worth thinking about if it’s actually true or otherwise.

Cheaters are everywhere and its peculiarity is not gender specific, there’re lots of male folks that cheated on their partner even when some of them get married, they still cheat on their partner. The same thing can be equally be found with women, jumping from one man’s bed to another in the name of sexual satisfaction they are not getting from their partner or for monetary rewards and host of other unfounded reasons.

5 Ways To Know Your Partner Is Cheating On YouCheating is bad and I’m sure everyone knows that, but in spite of the fact that it is a well-known fact, that cheating is bad, many men and women continue to cheat every day by day. I’m sure no one will be happy seeing his or her partner cheating on him or her.

If you’re not cheating on your partner, how then can you know if your partner is cheating on you?

There are several ways to know if your partner is cheating on you, but here, I will be talking about 5 of them that you can be sure if your partner is found wanting in this area, it is certainly cheating on you.

5 ways to know your partner is cheating on you

If your partner feel nervous when receiving calls in your presence

This is a tell sign that sometime is actually wrong with your partner, when call enter, your partner is not comfortable receiving it in your presence and even when such call is received, there’s nervousness all around your partner. It is suspicious, something is being hiding from you and I guess the most toxic things that’ll make your partner does that, is that, you’re probably being cheated on.

Is there sudden distraction lately in your relationship?

Have you notice any sudden distraction lately from your partner? There are several other things that can distract ones partner; from jobs, finance, spirituality, friends and others. If you try to find out what’s causing the distraction and it is none of the other possible things you can think of, then don’t be too far from the truth, someone somewhere with full flesh and blood and with the same sex with you, is the reason for the latest distraction.

Why the distraction in the first place, the thinking of handling two relationships at the same is a difficult task to do and most times, it get partner confusing even though they sometimes don’t want to let go of it. Cheater want to enjoy it why it last but their conscience is judging them, which in most time throw them into subconscious confusion which is being acted out and the sign is all there for you to read all over your partners face.

Phone becomes secretive

When your partner no longer makes his phone accessible to you, when his phone is being pass-worded and it’s not being left in the place where you can even have a view of who’s calling when it rings, then be sure that, something phishing is lurking around the corner of your relationship.

Even though, it may not be ideal to check on your partners phone to save yourself from unnecessary headache and you don’t even bother yourself trying to see who your partner has been interacting with in your absent, yet the phone becomes secretive of late. You should do your homework to ascertain why the situation changed; your partner is probably cheating on you.

Does your partner dump someone for you?

Many people are not aware of this, if your partner dumps someone for you as a result of unnecessary excuses; there is every probability that you too might be dump for another person for the same unnecessary excuses. Before dumping someone for you, there must be cheating involve. Dumping is a different thing from break up that the individual involve in the relationship agreed to go on separate ways, when dumping takes place, one person takes solitary decision to let go suddenly without any explanation, thus making the other person feels embittered.

No matter how positive you see yourself dating someone who’s in relationship, and eventually the person becomes yours, you too also risk the possibility of losing that relationship. It is advisable to look for someone who’s not into any relationship commitment with opposite sex for your dating.

If your partner hangs out with cheating friends

If your partner’s friends are cheater, your partner too is 90% likely to be a cheater. It is a situation of if you cannot beat them, you join them. If your partner continues to hang out with cheater as friend, it is a matter of time before his or her friend influences overtake him or her.

When you’re constantly being exposed to something, no matter how bad it is, you’re likely going to want to give it a try and especially when it’s coming from friend, hmmm.

With these 5 ways to know your partner is cheating on you, you can be sure to know where you are and where you’re heading to in your relationship with your partner.

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