6 Ways To Show Her You Are different From Other Guys

Have you ever being in that annoying situation where a girl refused to take you serious because she thinks you are just like other men? And you know the best way to get her is to show her you are different from other guys?

show her you are different

A situation like that is basically a shithole to be in. Because girls like that are really hard nuts to crack. You can bet your arm their attitude is based on their experiences with men. This is another way of saying she knows what she is talking about.

So your only play is to show her you are different from other guys. Literally.

Most guys find it difficult to up their game and show the lady a thing or two about what makes them unique. They’d rather stick to doing what they are used to. Then move on in frustration without getting the girl.

In other words, letting go of the opportunity to date someone you once thought was awesome. It doesn’t have to be that way. Especially if you stick to my strategies on how to show her you are different from other guys.

Ways to show her you are different

Stop obsessing about what she thinks of you

show her you are different

Okay, let me start by saying this: one of the keys to happiness is not to put too much stock in what other people think of you. Seriously, stop fidgeting about what friends, families and colleagues think of you; it would cut down on the stress you face daily in a big way.

So also the same thing with the girl. By the time you drop obsessing about what she thinks of you, you’ll be more focused on the important task of doing your own thing.

Thinking about what she thinks about you is a waste of time and would just keep you bogged down on little and inconsequential things.

Don’t lick her boots to get approval

Trying by all means to get the approval of our heart’s desire might seem the thing to do, right?

But here is the thing. It is easy to over-do it. And that is a situation you never want to be in if you want her respect.

You need to let her understand you have a mind of your own. She has to know you are decisive and confident. And don’t be afraid to let her know of you don’t like her decisions or choices.

One of the things ladies find attractive in men is a man who knows what’s he wants and when he wants it. A man who doesn’t care if he steps on her toes in his quest to get the things he desires.

Don’t allow her take up your entire life

show her you are different

In your task of trying to impress a girl and subsequently date her, it is likely you would want to make her your entire life.

I understand how it is easy to be consumed by the thought of that wonderful girl in our life. To the extend that every waking moments becomes all about her.

However, to impress her, you need to let her know that she is just a part your life. Not your whole life.

So don’t call her all the time asking to meet up. Or rush to her house all the time hoping to have a chat with her.

Let your behavior show her you have several other interesting things taking up your precious time. That would make you seem very interesting to her I bet you.

Know how to completely control your emotions

show her you are different

Let me tell you something: being a man is hard. And chasing a girl is even harder if she is determined to give you a rough time.

This is where a complete control of your emotions would help you.

You might be tempted to one day show your irritation or anger because of the way she is treating you. At the other end, you may decide to go down that despicable route of begging her, while barely holding your tears in check, to show mercy on you.

That is so wrong. Learn to control your feelings in front of her. Don’t react to everything she does with anger or tears to gain her sympathy

Just control yourself and be the perfect definition of the cool dude who is in complete control of his turf.

Be completely honest and blunt with her

show her you are different

Many guys are careful not to hurt a girl’s feelings with honesty. Well, if you want to show her you are different, you have to things differently right?

A good start is never to be afraid to tell her the truth about herself or what she is doing. Don’t sugar-coat what you tell her.

Be blunt. That way she knows you are not a man to mess around with. A man to be taken seriously and who is not scared of her.

Women dig men like that.

Set your standards very high

show her you are different

Setting your standards very high is one sure way to show her you are different.

High standards mean you need to work on yourself. Make sure you don’t compromise and pretend mediocre is good enough for you. Only be satisfied with the best.

If she sees this attitude in you, she’ll would want to be a part of that life too. Because she knows associating with you would make her a better person.

So in this respect, you must always seek ways to improve yourself and the things around you.

If you do all these things, and follow them religiously, I assure you, no girl would be able to resist you. The trick is to make these tips your default mode of behavior.

To make these tips a normal part of you, don’t just read this without taking action. Start implementing them immediately. I promise you, you would get better with the ladies in no time at all.

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