24 New Life Lessons You’d Learn When You Start Living With Your Girlfriend

As a young bachelor living alone, have you ever wondered what it would be like when you start living with your girlfriend? Just taking a wild guess, over 90% of dudes do that regularly.


you start living with your girlfriend


The pictures you paint in your mind when she starts living with you are of completes bliss. Basically, everything should be rosy.

At least, in the context of your previous life alone, you think you are now set for a heavenly ride. That could be true to an extent. But at the same time, things might not go as played in your vivid imagination.

Actually, you might even regret the impulse that pushed you to suggest that idea. Well, that is the thought I got when I read a very funny piece about the subject.

Though it was written just to have a bit of fun, some of the things are so damn on point. So I thought you should share in the fun.

By the way, almost all the things written do actually happen when you start living with your girlfriend.

Things you’d learn when you start living with your girlfriend

you start living with your girlfriend

1. No more drinking juice direct from carton. Apparently, doing that is uncivilized and makes your thoroughly uncultured

2. Apparently, bedsheets ought to be washed regularly

You know how you can go weeks without washing your bed sheets? Well, that would change once you start living with your girlfriend. In fact, you would have to buy dozens of new bedsheets.

3. You can’t leave the toilet as you wish. You have to buy all sorts of cleaners, disinfectants and toilet sprays.

4. The number of jobs to be done daily around the house would increase geometrically. For instance, you have to empty the trash every couple of days

you start living with your girlfriend

5. You don’t have enough pans and pots for cooking. You need to buy more.

6. Her eyes would be the judge and jury if you spend, what is in your opinion, a reasonable amount of time playing video games.

7. You would have to include dinner parties in your monthly budget

8. Farting would be completely prohibited. Do it secretly if you have to. Remember all those times she left the living room for no reason at all, it was to go and break wind.

Emulate her good manners.

9. When you start living with your girlfriend, you’d learn there are millions of soap operas on TV you never heard of.

you start living with your girlfriend

10. You need more shoes than you ever thought you needed.

11. The T-shirt with the image of the pretty girl would suddenly disappear

12. Your favorites boxers that were a tad old (but still you favorite) would disappear.

13. You can’t come back from work or wherever and drop your socks, shoes on the floor like you used to.

14. A huge part of your beer budget would he diverted for more important things like buying gifts for her.

15. Going on a trip would now involve getting real accommodation. As opposed to sleeping at a distant friend’s couch.

you start living with your girlfriend

16. It takes hours to make her hair look so gorgeous.

17. Apparently, her hair needs to be combed for at least 30 minutes every night before coming to join you on the bed

18. You have to be friends with people you would rather hit senseless with a stick. Especially, guys dating her pals.

19. The toilet becomes you secret hideout where you can waste as much time on your phone.

20. To avoid a shitstorm of grief, you can’t leave even a single drop of innocent liquid on the toilet seat. You get the same treatment for any fluid on the toilet floor.

21. The plughole in the bathroom sink takes on a new relationship with hair. It would constantly be filled with hair that becomes unsightly with dirt if not removed

22. Apparently, the hair blocking the sinkhole is your responsibility to remove even though it is not yours

23. You need to have good reasons why you don’t like her preferred choice of bread in making toast or sandwich.

24. You would discover quickly when you start living with your girlfriend that you get rewarded with a good roll in the hay when you volunteer to do housework.

you start living with your girlfriend

Your reward gets even better if you clean the toilet and bathroom.

It is a sure bet there are other fun stuff you’d learn when you start living with your girlfriend. If you’ve had the experience before, do tell us about them in the comment box below.

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