Treat Your Girlfriend Nicely And Watch Her Love You Completely

One day, a friend wanted to know why my girlfriend can’t seem to get enough of me and what nuggets of wisdom I have for him to get the same treats from his girlfriend. I told him, ‘Just treat your girlfriend nicely and everything would fall into place.

treat your girlfriend nicely

He looked at me skeptically. Perhaps because he thought it can’t be that simple. And besides, I didn’t even think about his question before blurting out that answer.

Truth be told, I rushed out that answer because I wanted to be left alone. In retrospect though, I think I just handed him the grail on how to win a girl’s heart without even knowing it.

A differrent scene, a few years later: I asked my girlfriend to tell me she loved me. She looked at me quizzically, with a small smile playing at the corners of her lips. I guess she couldn’t believe I could be this insecure about her feelings for me.

She is a smart girl that one. She didn’t tell what I wanted to hear. What she said amounted to this: continue treating me the way you’ve been doing and I would continue responding to you the way that I’ve been doing.

Long story short, if I keep treating her nicely, she would keep loving me. So I did. And I later discovered that saying how you feel about someone is not nearly as important about how you act. There is a huge sense in the expression, ‘Action speaks louder than words.

So how can you treat your girlfriend nicely? Are there any special tricks or strategies involved? The answers to both questions are not so clear-cut or that simple. Each relationship is unique. What works for one could spell doom for another.

You just have to find out the buttons to push to be loved by your girlfriend the way you want. But, there are certain guidelines that are universal to all ladies and dudes.

How NOT to treat your girlfriend nicely

treat your girlfriend nicely

1. Taking her for granted -It is in the character of many dudes to slack off with the attention once the girl is officially their girlfriend. The passion shown in wooing the lady dies off.

At this point, every action becomes a chore, even if it is something as delightful as taking her to dinner to a new restaurant. Girls sense it when the man’s passion for the relationship is waning.

The girl might try to ignite keep the fire burning, but after a while, she would give up and settle into doing routine stuff with you.

When you reach this point with your girlfriend, you would be missing out on getting real love from her. And trust me, you are missing a lot because ladies can find new ways to love their man as the relationship gets older.

2. You assume too much –you could easily fall into the trap of thinking you know your girlfriend enough to anticipate her next move. That is a huge mistake.

Girls are very unpredictable. No matter how much you think you know them, new facets of their personalities would be revealed to you from time to time.

One of the fun things of life is peeling back the onion of a girl’s personality to see the layer that is beneath. When you assume you know her well enough, you miss out on a lot of fun.

treat your girlfriend nicely

Mostly though, if you assume too much about her, you easily pass judgment about her needs and desires. You would be off track most of the time. And this can be very irritating to you; leading you to believe she is just being too irrational or difficult.

That puts you in a position where she’d need to explain herself to you most of the time. So instead of loving you the way you want, she’d be looking for new and fancy ways to avoid your irritation or anger.

3. Being too pre-occupied – Using the excuse of important work-related meetings or other issues to neglect her is setting yourself up to a sad affair with your girl.

To put it bluntly, treating your girlfriend nicely doesn’t mix well with being pre-occupied with other things. Your most important pre-occupation should be your girlfriend if you want to get real love from her. Girls love it when they know they are number one in a man’s life and everything else is secondary.

How to treat your girlfriend nicely

There are several ways you can treat your girlfriend nicely. However, doing it should not be a one-off. It must be done regularly. And it must be a fabric of your daily routine.

Some of the ways to treat your girlfriend nicely includes:

1. Support her constantly – Never waver in your support and belief in her. Even if at times she shows sign of wavering, you must be her support; the person to props her up and keeps her on tract.

2. Listen to her -Never assume anything about her. If you are in doubt ask questions and never forget the answers to the questions. It would be bad to ask the same question again at some later date.

treat your girlfriend nicely

Also, never get tired of giving her your whole attention when she is talking to you. No matter how trivial she may sound.

3.Never belittle her -sometimes we men can be disdainful about the things our ladies consider important. It hurts them seriously.

Learn to take everyone of her projects seriously. Even if that project is to help her chose the color of curtains for her apartment. It is important to her. Treat it with the seriousness it deserves.

4. Surprise her with gifts -it doesn’t have to be something expensive. Just get her something when she is least expecting it. And keep doing it always. That way, she would be pushed to want to return these nice little gestures.

And for women, the best way they know how return these gestures is to love him more in amazing ways.

I am sure you can list many other ways to treat your girlfriend nicely. The bottom line is, what you do should really make her happy. And if she is happy, chances are high you would get the best love you never even dreamed of,

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