Boyfriend video game addiction ruining your relationship; What to do

Boyfriend video game addiction ruining your relationship; What to do

Since computer game come into being, many embraced it because there are lots of fun in the game and one can really get excited especially when you understand how to maneuver the game in your own favour. Really, computer game has help many to get out of the not too good circumstances in their life, they use it to while away time hoping for something better come their way. The fun and excitement derived from the computer game over the years is now causing problem for those who could not control themselves about the game, it is now becoming addiction for many.

Boyfriend video game addiction ruining your relationshipBoth men and women play computer games but the ratio of men playing it is much higher than that of woman. Many men are now addicted to the computer game and it has eaten deep into their relationship. Putting their partner into second choice at home and gradually partner are feeling being ignored and abandon for the computer game obsession by their boyfriend or husband.

Is your boyfriend video game addiction ruining your relationship? Are you getting tired of taking the second position in your husband house to computer game? Is your husband video game obsession making you feel unloved, disrespected, ignore, unimportant and taking for granted?

If any of these are happening to your relationship and or marriage presently, you need solution to your husband video game addiction problem. Ideally, this problem of obsession to video game has been on for a very long time now, and it is a critical issue that needs to be attended to and here is what you need to do if your boyfriend or husband is obsessed by computer game.

1. You shouldn’t offer to join him

Addiction to computer game or video gaming is not recreational activities that wives are expected to join their husbands and make it more fun, thereby making their husband very pleased with their partner, and then give more time to the woman through intimate conversation. As far as computer game addiction is concern, joining your boyfriend or husband is just a waste of time, don’t mind many of such suggestions you can find everywhere online. It won’t get you the goal you desire, you will only end up being a competitor and that will continually be a challenge to your boyfriend or husband. It won’t make him get out of the addiction.

Playing the game with him will not allow you feel any important in the relationship and statement like “If you want to spend time with me no one is stopping you from picking up a controller” still sends the message that video games take priority over the relationship. So don’t offer to join him.

2. Don’t try to ignore or avoid him with the game

So many women made the mistake of trying to avoid their husband with the game addiction issue, thinking to themselves that, it will worsen the situation. But the situation is not getting better either, it is gradually eating away the quality of their relationship and this is the very reason why you should talk about it with your husband or boyfriend. Admittedly, it may cause some little discomfort when the issue is being raised, but the reason why you need to do that is to deal with the problem before it totally get out of control.

These few pointers below may help you achieve that purpose in letting your partner knows how you feel about the situation.

  • Let him know that it’s very important that both of you talk about the issue as a couple
  • Let him know that, the amount of time he spend with the video games make you feel overlook
  • Made it known to him that you’re really concerned about his video game habits (please don’t call it addict or obsession, that may get everything complicated)
  • Let him be aware that you strongly believed that it’s really telling on your relationship as a couple
  • Tell him how much you care for him and the depth of your love for him
  • Let him knows that you miss spending quality time with him because of the computer game.

3. Let him knows that you are more important to him than his computer game

Asking your husband to spend more time with you than his computer games is very correct, there is nothing wrong with it at all. He may even be comfortable with the game and believing that you will always be there for him no matter what, and stop spending more quality time with you in your relationship.

You are not in that relationship to be ignored and no one does that. You can’t settle for it and there is no way you should be competing with computer game for attention from your own man. The beginning of the end of any relationship is when the partner no more caring for the other person, she is no more being appreciated, she’s being ignore, no more special feeling and she feel less important. What else? Tell him and don’t settle for being less important than computer games in the relationship.

4. Offer him suggestion and see how it can help both of you

If your partner could give you a listening hear as you made your feeling known to him about the computer game addiction as suggestion in point number 2 above. You can as well offer him suggestion or something similar as stated below;[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”left” cite=”” quotestyle=”style03″] I care about you and I care about this relationship. But sometimes I feel ignored when video games take so much of your time. I think that this is affecting our relationship and I am worried that we may not be spending enough quality time together. I know that you like playing these games and I’m not asking you to stop. But maybe we could agree to cut back to an hour or two per day so that we still have time for each other? This is very important to me. What do you think? [/sws_blockquote_endquote]

If all of these are not helping matter, you may consider going for couple therapy and let someone help you address the issue with him, let them help you made it known to him how badly his computer games addict has affected your relationship.

If he’s still strong headed about it, you may consider leaving the relationship before it turns you to a walking corpse. It is better to live as a single parent if you have had children than being in a relationship that is killing you every day. And if you’re still in the stage of boyfriend and girlfriend, you may have to look for love elsewhere because, it will continue when he weds you.

Over to you here, let me ask you now, have you ever been with someone who is computer games addicts? Please share your experience with us using the comment box below. We love comment and don’t forget to click on the facebook like button below if this article makes sense to you.

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5 thoughts on “Boyfriend video game addiction ruining your relationship; What to do”

  1. My partner is one of these. I’ve tried for months to get him to just cut back but it’s getting no better and he keeps making the excuse that when our flatmate moves out he will cut back. I can’t see this happening but he moves out this Wednesday so I will see soon. Currently he gets home from work, eats dinner then games till 1am and in the weekends it’s 4-6am hence our weekends together are cut short aswell. No matter how much I tell him I’m lonely he just does the usual “I’m sorry, I do love you” thing and carries on gaming. On the verge of walking out 🙁 in fact I’m off to stay with my sister for a few nights to clear my head.

    1. My boyfriend does the same. He has yet to change and makes me feel guilty for asking him to cut back. He plays with his online friends.

  2. My boyfriend spends all his spare time playing video games. He comes home, takes a shower and then starts the video games. He plays until midnight every night. I have epilepsy, so I have not been able to drive for over 11 months. I am already depressed to begin with because I have no independence. I live 1600 miles away from my family and I have no friends in the state I live in. We moved here last year and my job here fired me after I had a seizure. I went 8 months without a job. Now I got a job 3 months ago, but he has to drive me to work and from work to home. I don’t get to work very many hours, so I’m looking for a second job. Most days I sit home alone and do nothing.

    If I could drive, I would’ve left the relationship months ago. He has made me feel very unloved and abandoned. I feel my self-esteem declining as I have to endure being here until I can drive again. He knows how sad his addiction makes me, but he plays everyday. 6 hours per day Monday -Friday, and endless hours on Saturday and Sunday. I don’t know what to do. I am beyond distraught. I sit home all day and when he comes home, he showers and avoids/ignores me until he kisses me good night. What can I do until I can physically leave him?

    1. If what I wrote in the article is not working for you, then you’ve got to let go of him and look elsewhere to find love again.

  3. My husband is a online gamer as well. We are newlyweds which is even worse for us. He tells me that computer games relieves his stress so he plays it. He also says it’s a way to bond with his brothers–every single night and weekends. He doesn’t even wana go with me to visit my side of the family because there’s no wifi there so I never get to see my family because of him 🙁 idk what else to do anymore but praying for the best and constantly keeping him in check about his computer game issues.

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