Using Your Love Personality to Improve Your Relationship

Using Your Love Personality to Improve Your Relationship

Do you actually know your love personality? I guess you answer should be yes or no, whatever you chose, all is fine. I will want to let you know what love personality actually mean and then give you the three of most common type of this personality trend; from there you can see which one of the trend your love personality follows;

Personality in itself, has to do with your own unique way of life, how you do thing, feels, and let me better sum it up this way

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”left” cite=”” quotestyle=”style03″] “Your personality style is your organizing principle. It propels you on your life path. It represents the orderly arrangement of all your attributes, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviors, and coping mechanisms. It is the distinctive pattern of your psychological functioning, the way you think, feel, and behave that makes you definitely you.” [/sws_blockquote_endquote] Now with your better understanding of personality, all you need do here is to add “LOVE” to it and turn it to love personality and you get the actually meaning of love personality. It is your own unique way of loving, which is different from anyone else.

That being said, when you newly get into relationship, everything will seems to be perfect and your love run smoothly without entertaining any fear. But what seems to be perfect can suddenly take a turn you never expect. This is the very reason why knowing your love personality can be helpful and you’re going to explore that to improve that relationship that takes a turn you never expected.

Using Your Love Personality to Improve Your RelationshipThe reality is that, as your relationship grows, all the initial infatuated love associated with your relationship will fade away and you’ll come into your real style of loving and expect your partner to love that same way. A situation where your partner’s love personality does not match with yours will expose the lust and infatuation associated with the initial coming together of you both.

There are several types of love trends that you should know about. It will help you come to a deeper understanding of what type of lover you are and your partner as well. I will be dealing with three of the love trend here (emotional, creative and traditional love personality).

If your personalities follow the emotional trend, you’ll be paying more attention to the meaning behind thing, rather than the thing itself. Emotional lovers are sensitive and love sharing with their partners and are also very spiritual. They do not hold back from expressing their true feelings.

If your personalities follow that of creative trend, it is possible to have some of the trait of emotional lover but you’ll be focusing more on discovering new things and trying them out, taking risks for a bigger thrill. You’ll love to plan and be a part of interesting activities with your lovers because you like going through adventures and new territories together. These types of lovers are found to be quite exciting because they seem to be more mysterious and full of surprises and imagination.

Lastly, if your personalities follow that of traditional trend, you’ll love to keep to the rules of the society, rules that society consider good ways of handling relationship. Your believe pattern will be to have one partner and follow the dating and romance guide to the letter. You’ll also believe in being organized, being financially responsible and planning the events that will take place in your life with your partners.

The three above listed personality’s trend are the most that people follow, but this does not mean that if a person has one particular love personality, it cannot carry qualities from the other personality. It just means they have more the particular one than the others.

There is no personality that’s better than the other either. Each trend is unique and interesting in its own way. When two people follow the same trend, it is marvelous because they both know exactly what the other is fond of and what to expect as well. There are hardly mixed signals. Having different trends is also a wonderful thing. When a couple has their individual love personality, it opens the door for each one to learn new ways to love expressions and can create a great trend combination!

The important of this post is for you to understand your love personality and that of your partner so that, you will not begin to have conflict as your relationship grow. The knowledge of it will definitely help to improve your relationship.

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